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As a growing group on this campus, We, the Haitian Students of Kean University, in order to promote our Culture and History and share them with other students at Kean University, do hereby establish the Haitian Student Association of Kean University.


A: To develop the understanding and appreciation for the Haitian Culture.

B: To promote positive relations between Haitian Students and all other students and organizations.

C: To bring forth unity for all Haitian students.

D: To recruit interested students


A: Membership in the Association shall be open to all students of Kean University regardless of their nationality, race and gender.

B: In order to be a member of this association one must attend 10 fall and 12 Spring meetings.

C: There will be two types of members: Executive Board and Active Members.

1. Active Members are those who participate in the activities of the Association. They are allowed to run for offices in the executive committee, to take part in different committees, to vote in elections and are entitled to all other rights and privileges.

2. Executive Board members are those who will govern the Haitian Student Association.

a) Any member of the Association who strongly misbehave in a meeting or on campus may loose the privileges of membership after discussion of the case.


a) There will be a weekly meeting every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. according to the decision of the executive committee.

b) The agenda of each meeting will be made by the executive committee.

c) Active members will have the right to vote towards any decisions made by the Executive Board.

d) All meetings will be conducted with appropriate order and ethical code of the Association.

e) Executive Board meetings must be held a week in advance of the general meetings.


a) The executive committee should be made up of 6 members elected by the majority of members of the Association*.

One President

One Vice-President

One Treasurer

One Treasurer-Assistant

One Secretary

One Secretary-Assistant

b) All members of the executive committee should be full-time students and active members of the Association.

c) Executive Board members who miss more than three consecutive Board Meetings without a reasonable excused and/or prior consultation and approval by the President will be subject to a dismissal review by the Board.

d) The Executive committee is responsible to run the Association in a democratic way. It will also be responsible for its acts.

e)In case of temporary or permanent absence of the president, the Vice- President will take his or her place. The Vice-President's position should be filled with a member recommended by the executive committee with the approval of the Association.

f)Election should take place during the second week of the Fall Semester and the new executive committee will take office during the third week of September.

g)Only members in good standing as active members will be eligible to run and serve on the Executive Board. Position on the Board will be for on year, with option for re-election.

h)A member of the university faculty or graduate students should be designated by the President with the approval of the Association, and he/she will serve as advisor for one year.


a) President: The duties of the president should preside over the meeting, determine the dates the meetings, appointing/ monitoring committee and oversee the officers performing their functions. The President should have a voting privilege in the instance of a tie that may leave the Association stagnant.

b) Vice-President: The Vice-President is responsible, along with the chairperson of the committee, for setting up, organizing and publicizing all activities of the Association. The Vice-President shall be responsible for all the committees.

c) Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for the accounting duties of the club and will itemized record of all incoming and outgoing funds and shall work along with the other officers in planning a budget for the fiscal year.

d) Asst. Treasurer: The Asst. Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer in the receipt and accounting of all contributions and keeping an accurate accountancy of all incoming and outgoing funds. The Assistant treasurer along together with the treasurer, is responsible for the financial status of the Association and shall report such status at least once monthly, to the members of the Association.

e) Secretary: The Secretary's responsibilities are to keep a record of the club activities, shall handle all correspondence and record the minutes of all general and executive board meetings. The secretary is responsible, along with the vice-president, for the coordination of membership recruitment campaign.

f) Asst. Secretary: The assistant secretary shall aid the secretary in his/her duties and shall keep a true and accurate record of all executive board meetings. The assistant secretary will also assist the president in his/her endeavor to maintain an open active line of communication with the members of the Association.


a) Members should attend all meetings.

b) Members should work for the advancement of the Association

c) All active members should benefit from all advantages offered by the Association.


This Association should abide by all applicable rules and regulations of the university.


a) Any amendment to this constitution may be proposed by any member of the Association at a regular meeting.

b) Amendment will be circulated and will discuss and voted on the subsequent ordinary meeting of the Association.

c) Any amendment to the constitution requires for approval, a two third majority vote of the members present.


a) Any Executive Board member is subject to removal from office if he/she is not Fulfilling his/her responsibilities, or they are proven detrimental to the purpose of the organization and/or progress of the organization towards gaining strength in the university community.

b) If a person is impeached he/she does not forfeit his/her privileges to be nominated and run for any position at a later date.

*=Article IV part (a) was remodified in September 2002 by Student Organization of Kean University. The Executive board committee was reduced to 6 instead of 10 body members.