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This is the original recognition document of the Haitian Student Association of Kean University. It was written by one of the founding fathers, John Marcinski in 9-11-90.

During the Spring 1989 Semester the Learning Assistance Program (now known as Student Activity) attempted to determine the number of students enrolled at Kean College who were of Haitian origin, and to assess their level of academic performance. The number of Haitians student at Kean has been increasing over the pass few years but no specific information regarding that population was available.

The Kean College English as a Second Language (ESL) program was consulted and it was determined about 60 currently enrolled students who described them selves as Haitian had tested into that program since the fall of 1986.

Using this group as a base from which to start, we obtain academic transcript from the Registrar reflecting their coursework at Kean. These transcripts revealed that approximately 80% of this population were experiencing serious academic difficulty. A number of students from this group who had superior levels of academic performance were contacted and invited to a series of meetings at the Learning Assistance Center. The purpose of these meetings was to try to develop additional ways in which some sort of assistance could be provided to those students who required academic help. Contact was also made with organized Haitian Student groups at other colleges.

Developing from these meetings a Haitian Student Association was formed at Kean in the fall of 1989 and three Haitian Students were employed as tutors by the Learning Assistance Program. The Haitain Student Association was based in the Learning Assistance program and its preliminary funding was provided by this program (now funding is provided by Student Organization). Under college regulations, a new student club must be in existence for one year before it becomes eligible for funding by Student Organization through student fees. The Haitian Students Association currently has about 40 members. Counseling, tutoring referral services were provided to Haitian students by the Learning Assistance Program and still strongly do today. The Haitian Student Association attempts to identify Haitian students at Kean and to involve them in its various activities. It provides a support group for those student services available to them. Close contact is also maintained with off-campus Haitian organizations. During the 1989-1990 academic year, $4,030 was paid to the 3 Haitian tutors employed by the Learning Assistance Program, although it should be noted that Haitian students were also assisted by the regular tutoring staff. During the same period, an additional $ 500 was spent on meetings, receptions, and other activities connected with the Kean College Haitian Student Association.

For the 1990-91 academic year, the Learning Assistance Program will continue to employ Haitian students as tutors and provide space and assistance to the Haitian Student Association. Group tutoring in a number of areas will be offered, particularly in the development of study skills and language fluency.

Note: The Learning Assistance Program is now known as the Student Activities Program and located in the SA building. It is still the University's largest Haitian Students employment center today.