Dr. James J. Drylie, Executive Director of the School of Criminal Justice & Public Administration, has conducted exhaustive research on the subject of suicide-by-cop, formulating the theory of victim-scripted suicide as an objective measure in examining these types of police-involved shootings. Retired at the rank of captain, after twenty-five years of service with a large suburban New Jersey police department, he routinely lectures on the subject of suicide-by-cop and related issues to a variety of academic and practitioner audiences. During the course of his law enforcement career Dr. Drylie was recognized as an expert in various aspects related to the use of force, specifically deadly force, and was responsible for training recruits and police officers throughout the New York/New Jersey Region in various aspects of police weaponary and tactics. Dr Drylie’s extensive background in emergency management, police administration, and operations serve as the catalyst for the courses that he instructs at Kean University. Dr Drylie has recently begun working with clinicians who study the impact of large scale disaster on first-responders and is researching the links between the psychological truama from terrorist incidents, natural and man-made disaster, and human caused incidents such as police shootings.
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