Summer Institute

KUWP staff are currently planning the schedule and activities for the 2013 Invitational Summer Institute.  Information on the program and the application process, including the application form and guidelines, is provided below. Click here for information on a day in the life of a Summer Institute.

The overarching purpose of Kean University Writing Project is to support teachers in the teaching of writing. To that end, the Summer Institute provides participants with opportunities to dig into some of the challenges that can feel too scary or too hard when we take them on alone. 

Institute staff provides extensive grounding in theory; best practices for teaching writing; protocols for designing, presenting, and reflecting on classroom lessons; models for building and working with collaborative teams; and personalized coaching and one-on-one mentoring. Through writing, talking, sharing, and writing some more, we work to transform the toughest challenges from our classrooms into our best ideas for pedagogical practice.

All participants are required to attend all events listed below.

Institute Information and Timeline

Institute Calendar:

All participants are required to attend all events listed below.

Pre-Institute Sessions:

June 1: Overview
June 8: Converting topics to a TIW/Technology)
June 22: Research/Inquiry/Library orientation

Summer Institute:

Week One: July 1-3 (Monday through Wednesday)
Week Two: July 8-11 (Monday through Thursday)
Week Three: July 15-18 (Monday through Thursday)
Week Four: July 22 or 23 (Monday or Tuesday)

Fall Wrap up:

All day meeting, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in October, Date TBA.


Application Timeline

Applications Forms Available

Application forms are available below  

Informational Open House


Application Deadline


Interviews (if necessary)


Notice of Acceptance (letters mailed)


Six hours' graduate credit in English. Ninety (90) professional development hours for Institute hours in fulfillment of New Jersey State PD requirements will also be granted at the completion of the Institute. Offerings will also include additional elective hours for individual advisement and coaching.

The cost of participating in the Summer Institute is approximately $4200, payable by attendees or their districts when applicable.  This amount covers basic tuition and fees and is subject to final budget/tuition determinations in June 2012.  Additional federal and university monies support the Institute's extensive supplemental programming; services, such as coaching; technology; course materials; activities; and socials.

Each invited participant will receive a stipend of $1000.00.

Selection Criteria
To ensure that the Summer Institute fulfills its purpose and to orchestrate a match between participants' needs and the level and quality of experience provided by the institute, we consider applicants in terms of individual qualifications and in terms of how a given applicant's participation will contribute to the effectiveness of the institute, as well as to development of excellence in teaching in our region.

Programmatic requirements: 
To meet programmatic objectives, each class of participants must represent a balance of representation at a range of institutions, teaching levels, disciplines, and learning contexts within our region so as to create a rich environment for learning, exchange, and maximum development of insights on teaching writing.

Individual requirements: 
Individual participants must present a history of:
  • proficiency in teaching
  • commitment to writing and using writing to teach
  • successful collaborative work with other teachers
  • interest in trying new approaches to teaching

NOTE: You will need student work samples to orient your path throughout the Summer Institute. Please keep this in mind when applying. Start collecting those samples now!

How to Apply
For an application and Summer Institute information, click here and mail to: 


Kean University

Department of English

Attention: Dr. Maria Zamora

CAS 329

1000 Morris Avenue

Union, New Jersey 07083


Questions? Call Maria Zamora (908) 737-0385 or email

Summer Institute Participants' Reflections and Follow-Up

"Perhaps I held it in too long.  Maybe there was too much time between my Master’s degree and any meaningful writing as an overbooked teacher, mother and wife. But the KUWP connected, inspired and embraced my personal and professional goals in writing. Three months later I am more productive than I thought possible.   

KUWP’s faculty and participants gave me the opportunity to engage in what I became an English teacher for— the practice and discussion of writing.  It is a journey we ask our students to embark on but as teachers have so little time to travel ourselves.  Three months later, the knowledge, skills and strategies I learned and reflected upon during this institute are enriching my writing and my writing instruction at Rahway High School. " —Kim Kiefer

"Participating in the KUWP this past summer has been one of the best education classes ever.  Observing other experienced teachers demonstrating specific lessons and how they teach has enhanced my skills as a teacher. No matter what content matter we teach, we can always hone our skills in communicating our knowledge to students and to learn to best teach students the process of communicating their understanding. My students have benefited from what I have learned this past summer through KUWP." —Debbie Lee

"My experience in the Institute has been like climbing up the ladder to try the trapeze - with the net below. On our first day, we all acknowledged being afraid. That let me know that together we would be each other's net and as scary as it might be, we could take chances. And that is what we have done, each of us to varying degrees, but we have all taken chances and grown.

I came to this experience excited and I am leaving it excited. To paraphrase Erica and Dr. Seuss, oh, the places I've been and oh, the places I have yet to go. When we began I really didn't know what to expect. The National Writing Project that I'd heard about from my friend in Rhode Island was a wonderful mystery to me and I was excited to finally be a part of it. Of course, then I learned how much work I was in for! My mantra, one day at a time, one assignment at a time, would be how I would proceed.

As participants, by the end of our institute, we all knew ourselves and each other so much better and were opening up even more about our beliefs, feelings, and experiences. It was great hearing about the books, articles, ideas, and people who have influenced us. And I felt great sharing about the acting teachers who have influenced and shaped me and explaining how that all works and connects to living an open and responsive life and teaching in an open and responsive way. I know that I am taking so much more with me than what I had when I came in. Not only all that everyone has shared with me, but also the feeling and belief that I am even more myself than I was before. Thank you all." —Mary Freet Everson

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