The RN-BSN program at Kean University seeks to prepare Nurse Generalists to practice in a variety of settings.

The RN-BSN program provides students with the knowledge and expertise necessary to meet contemporary challenges and find satisfaction in their chosen nursing path.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a 125-credit program that include 31-33 credits of General Education courses; 15-17 credits of Additional Required courses; 12 credits of Support courses; 61 Nursing credits, 30 of which are lower division nursing credits transferred upon a declaration of major; and 2-6 credits of required free electives. These courses constitute the major in nursing at Kean. Transfer students who attend full time can complete the nursing requirements in one to two years. Most part-time students complete the program in three to four years.

Incoming students can transfer up to 80 credits from an associate RN program and up 92 combined credits from four-year institutions.

RN-BSN Admissions requirements:

Full Admission to the RN-BSN program requires graduation from an accredited RN program and a current valid RN license in the State of New Jersey.

Provisional Admissions to the RN-BSN program is open to nursing students in the final year of their RN program or recent nursing graduates who are awaiting RN licensure. Students are admitted as INTENDED majors and are permitted to take general education required classes, any additional required courses outside of nursing, as well as the following 4 non-clinical nursing courses prior to declaring as RN-BSN major: NURS 3000, NURS 3010, NURS 3020 and NURS 3030. Students admitted as INTENDED into the RN-BSN program will have one year from the date of Admission to obtain RN licensure. Failure to obtain RN Licensure within the allotted time, will result in dismissal from the program.