Transfer Partnerships

Dear Prospective and Current Kean Nursing Students:

Welcome to the Kean University School of Nursing Offsite location at Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) in North Branch, New Jersey. Since 2005, the Kean University School of Nursing has been offering upper level RN-BSN nursing courses on a Wednesday and Friday schedule as well as select graduate nursing courses. Classes are designed to take two lectures on Fridays from 9:30AM – 3:15PM and clinical courses run on Wednesdays during the day. Graduate courses when offered run on Tuesday evenings.

For your convenience, as a Kean student at RVCC, you are able to substitute some Kean University non-nursing courses by taking the equivalent RVCC courses (according to our articulation agreement). The RN-BSN Program can be completed in approximately 20 months, although there is the opportunity to fast track or proceed at a slower pace. You can attend full or part-time.

As a nursing student at RVCC, during your first and second year in the summer months, or during winter session, you can also enroll in the foundational level upper division Kean nursing courses. This opportunity facilitates a timely completion of your BSN within a four year period, if desired. Additionally, bridge courses to the MSN at Kean University as well as a BSN Program for second degree students are also available.

Since the inception of the nursing course offerings here at RVCC, students have found the program to be flexible, affordable and manageable in balancing their personal, family and career responsibilities.

The School of Nursing at RVCC is located in the University Center, Room 129 in Somerset Hall and Kean staff and faculty are available on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please feel free to visit us to learn more about our course offerings.

Room locations are posted outside of the University Center and textbooks are available in the RVCC bookstore each semester. Room locations and textbook requirements can be found using the following links specific to the offsite location.

We look forward to meeting with you.

School of Nursing