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Documentation is available for the following areas:
  1. Datatel User Interface

  2. Datatel Student System

  3. Datatel Distributed Financials

  4. KeanGOOGLE E-mail

  5. KeanWISE for Employees

  6. KeanWISE for Faculty

  7. Policy Information

  8. Telecommunications

  9. Turnitin.com

Click on one of the above links to view specific information for each area.

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Datatel User Interface

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Datatel Student System

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Datatel Distributed Financials

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KeanGOOGLE E-mail

You can visit our KEANGoogle launch page for general FAQs: http://www.kean.edu/keangoogle


You can also check out the Google Apps Help Center at: http://www.google.com/support/a/users or watch video presentations below.

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KeanWISE for Employees

KeanWISE for Faculty

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Policy Information

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