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The online Excel projects and online guide to projects and a separate printed supplement are a result of my experience in teaching finite math for business majors while I was at Saint Peter's College (1995-2000). The online projects and online guide to projects are freely available from Prentice Hall as supplements to their textbooks, although they are fairly general. The printed Excel supplement is published by BrookCole/Cengage.

If you are interested in just taking a peek, an overview , in PDF format, gives a summary and some example Excel tutorials and projects. To view the file, you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader , which can be downloaded for free. 

I hope you find these materials useful in your course. Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.  -- Reva Narasimhan

Printed Excel guide

BrooksCole/Cengage has published Excel guide for finite mathematics and applied calculus (ISBN: 0395961483), written by R. Narasimhan, as a supplement to their series of finite mathematics and business calculus books. The introductory chapter is available from the Cengage web site. You can probably request a complimentary copy of the entire book from your publisher's representative if you are a faculty member.

Excel files for download from the Prentice-Hall FTP site.

***Please note that you may download these files only for your own personal use. They are copywritten by Prentice-Hall and cannot be uploaded to your own web site. Please see terms of use from Prentice-Hall.***

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Finite Math  Excel projects  and Guide  Finite Math  Excel projects and guide
College Math Excel projects  Calculus  Excel projects  and Guide 
Calculus  Excel projects  Brief Calculus   Excel projects  and Guide

These files were written  R. Narasimhan, Kean University to accompany the various finite math and business calculus textbooks published by Prentice Hall. They are available for free download for classroom use. Besides the various Excel files,a guide to the projects, in MS Word, is also available for download.The guide describes the contents of the worksheets in more detail.Please see terms of use from Prentice-Hall.

Prentice Hall companion web sites and other spreadsheet sites

Description: The following sites have more information on using spreadsheets in mathematics.


I gave a computer minicourse at ICTCM 2000 on modeling and simulation using Excel. You may download my workshop materials.

A paper on using Excel for optimization arising in an industrial setting. Accessible for upper level undergraduates.

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