Environmental Sciences

The Environmental Science Program in SESS provides the highest quality education offering field research experiences and a wide spectrum of environmental science specialty areas including geochemistry, geology and soil science technology, oceanography and marine conservation, and atmospheric science. Our diverse faculty include geochemists, geographers, geologists, astronomers, atmosphere and ocean scientists who are dedicated to the academic growth of our students.

Students in the department share concerns about our global environment and an interest in how the earth behaves and are interested in the appropriate conservation and management of the earth's resources. A Kean SESS graduate will be uniquely qualified to address a diverse range of Environmental Science issues facing the world today. Our graduates have been successful in exciting careers including governmental agencies, private companies, environmental consulting firms, radio and TV broadcasting, teaching and studies for advanced graduate degrees at major universities.

In addition, programs for teacher certification in environmental science and elementary education with an environmental science specialization are offered. Also, Collateral studies in earth and marine sciences may be elected with the Environmental Science major.