College of Education

University has prepared teachers and other school personnel since 1855. The mission of the College of Education is to prepare informed, dynamic professionals who have the prerequisite knowledge, skills, and values/dispositions to be effective in diverse settings. The goals of the School are to prepare educators who:

  1. Demonstrate a broad background in humanities, mathematics, and the sciences, have an in-depth understanding of one academic discipline, and can apply this knowledge and understanding in their professional settings;
  2. Think creatively and critically in solving educational problems and can make sound decisions based on their knowledge of theory;
  3. Design and integrate a variety of instructional strategies matched to appropriate diverse learning styles;
  4. Recognize, respect, and respond appropriately to individual and cultural differences;
  5. Establish professional and collaborative relationships among all educational stakeholders; and
  6. Commit to being life-long learners and advocates for quality schooling for all.