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Field Experience Advisory Committee



Nicole Ahern
Joseph Amorino, Ed.D.
Kevin Burger
Linda Cahir, Ed.D.
Vince Caputo
William Cardone
Lily Chen-Hafteck, Ph.D.
Justin Childs
Robert Colangelo
Martin Dickerson
Ethel Eaddy
Joseph Engesser
Lenore Fleming
Rose Gerken
Jo Hoffmann, Ed.D.
Linda Ionta
Patrick Ippolito
Debbie Kalanta
Marjorie Kelly, Ed.D.
Robert Lampinen
Samuel Mendelson
Karen Moffatt
Annie Moses
Josh Palgi, Ed.D.
Patricia Peitz
Susan Polirstok, Ed.D.
Nora Pollard, Ed.D.
Cedric Richardson
Chris Sidwa
Kathleen Skobo
Debbie Warner



I.    Name

The committee will be called Kean University Field Experience Advisory Committee and authorized by Kean University College of Education

II.    Purpose

The committee is created for the purpose of providing direction and guidance to the Teaching Performance Center and advising on matters that concern the planning, implementing and evaluation of the field experience program. Authority and responsibility for the program reside ultimately with Kean University.

III.    Objectives
    1. To support the mission of the Teaching Performance Center.
    2. To enhance communications between school and agency personnel and Kean University faculty and staff.
    3. To develop support for and commitment to the clinical components of teacher preparation programs.
    4. To consider policies, procedures and practices relevant to the field experience program and to recommend constructive and necessary changes.
IV.    Relationship to the Kean University School of Education

The Field Experience Advisory Committee is expected to offer recommendations for the pre-service teacher education program. These recommendations are forwarded to the Kean University School of Education Administrative Council, the governing body of the School of Education.

V.    Membership Composition

Members of the Advisory Committee will be appointed by the Dean of the College of Education based upon the recommendations of the Director of the Teaching Performance Center. The membership will consist of a cross-section of P-12 teachers and administrators of partnership schools, University faculty, alumni, clinical supervisors, and the director, assistant director, and administrative assistant of the Teaching Performance Center.

VI.    Term

A term of membership shall last for three years, beginning July 1 of the appointed year. Members may be appointed for a maximum of two terms.

VII.    Facilitator and Recorder

The Director of the Teaching Performance Center will serve as the facilitator and Teaching Performance Center Administrative Assistant will serve as the recording and corresponding secretary for each meeting.

VIII.  Meetings

The Field Experience Advisory Committee will meet a minimum of four (4) times per year (September, November, February, and May). Written notice of the meetings will be mailed to members at least three (3) weeks before the meeting. Whenever possible, notices will be electronically sent to members with email accounts.

A focused agenda will be used with time allotted for communication or concerns in the field. Minutes of each meeting will be kept and a copy will be mailed with the next meeting notice. Recommendations passed by a majority vote and reports from the committee will be submitted in writing to the director who will in turn request that such recommendations be placed on the agenda of the College of Education Administrative Council for discussion.

Members who are absent from meetings without reasonable cause for two successive meetings will be considered to have resigned their seats. The Director will appoint a person to complete the term of the vacancy.

While members are expected and encouraged to discuss the field experience activities within the school community, members shall not report committee memberís opinions expressed in the meetings nor shall they report independently on committee recommendations.