Writing@Kean provides resources for Kean's student authors and instructors who integrate writing into their courses across all levels and disciplines at Kean University.

The creation of this site was funded by a Quality First Initiative awarded to the Department of English from the Office of the President.

Right now, Writing@Kean is in its initial stages, relying on resources at other writing-support websites. In time, it will have its own locally developed content to support writing at Kean.

To fulfill its mission, Writing@Kean seeks contributions from all departments and colleges to support Kean students in their writing and instructors in the incorporation of writing into their courses. To arrange for inclusion of your course/major materials, contact us at writing@kean.edu.

Present contributors include:

  • Alex Taner
  • Linda Best
  • Charles Nelson
  • Mark Sutton
  • Lisa Sisler

Writing@Kean is supported through the following programs:


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