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Education at Kean emphasizes the development of writing skills for success at the University and later on in the workplace or in graduate studies. As a result, courses in all disciplines, are designed to support students' developing skills, building on what they acquire through their required composition course work. Within this framework, you probably give thought to writing skills in the classes you teach and to that end ponder how much writing you should assign, what type of writing to assign, how you will handle the workload of grading writing assignments, how you will respond to writing, and what you should do when your students experience difficulty with their writing assignments.

The material included here touches upon the aforementioned topics, offering material that you will help you with your decisions about writing assignments/activities in your courses and information that you can present to your students to guide them. The staff of Writing@Kean welcomes your comments and requests for additional information as well as your contributions of material specific to your courses or disciplines.

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