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In many classes, you will need to do research: to gather data, evaluate the reliability of your sources, and integrate your findings into your papers. The resources below will help you in the process of gathering and evaluating information.

Gathering Information

For tutorials on gathering and  evaluating information, see

For finding and evaluating online sources, see:

Gathering Information: Kean University Library

To learn how to gather information with Kean's electronic resources, see the tutorials below:

In addition to the tutorials above, Kean librarians have prepared other resources and handouts for using the library and conducting research for different classes.

Recording and Organizing Source Information

Once you find a useful source, whether print or online, you should record, organize, and comment on those sources, and create the bibliographic information for the source. You can use either your own 3x5 cards or the virtual source cards in Kean University's Endnote Web. (For instructions on registering and using this resource, go here.)

If you wish to create an annotated bibliography, go to How to prepare an annotated bibliography (Cornell University Library)

Conducting Research

In addition to gathering information in the library and online, you may also want to gather your own data through interviews, surveys, observations, or analysis. For gathering primary data, see:

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