Why Chinese?

Because you are CURIOUS. The Chinese culture has lasted thousands of years; studying Chinese will widen your vision and inspire your imagination. This language, one of the six official languages of the United Nations and the third most utilized language in the United States, is one you want to learn.

Because a new language gives you an EDGE. As China continues to prove itself as an extraordinary economic and technological power, learning this key Asian language is a major asset. Learn how the landscape between China and the United States impacts your daily life.

Because you control your INTELLIGENCE. A comprehensive education is important and one must study the culture of others. You have the power to influence global harmony. As you learn Chinese, you will become even more prepared for active participation in the analysis of the changing relationships between China and the world.

As Kean promises to maintain affordable excellence, the Chinese Program is seeking further development, such as funding students who commit to Chinese studies, building Asian Studies Program. We never stop hard working, because it is our goal to provide the 21st century students with confidence and skills to fly.


Want to Learn Chinese? Come to Kean University. The Chinese Program of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers the following:


Chinese Language Chinese Civilization and Culture

CHIN 1101 Basic Chinese I and II

FL 3210 Introduction to Chinese Civilization

CHIN 1102 Basic Chinese II

FL 3216 Introduction to Chinese Civilization
Travel Learn Course

CHIN 2101 Intermediate Chinese I

FL 3556 Chinese Popular Cutlure and Films

CHIN 2102 Intermediate Chinese II

FL 3351 Survey of Chinese Literature in Translation I

CHIN 3101 Advanced Chinese I

FL 3352 Survey of Chinese Literature in Translation II

CHIN 3102 Advanced Chinese II


CHIN 3110 Business Chinese




Minor in Chinese Studies

For undergraduates and second-baccalaureate students in any major who wish to develop their knowledge of the Chinese language and their general understanding of Chinese and the Asian world, with special focus on literature, civilization, history, culture and economy. The foundation for postgraduate study in Chinese and/or Comparative Literature, as well as in other fields of humanities and social sciences. Of interest TO students wishing to teach Chinese and also to those seeking employment in China-related companies and institutions both in China and abroad.

Course Requirements: 18 credits

2 Chinese Language courses [3000 level or above for heritage speakers]


2 Chinese Cultural Courses


2 Free Electives (from the Section A, B and C)  


Courses Offerings:

A. Language Courses
CHIN 1101: Basic Chinese I
CHIN 1102: Basic Chinese II                                   
CHIN 2101: Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 2102: Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 3101: Advanced Chinese I
CHIN 3102: Advanced Chinese II
CHIN 3110: Business Chinese

B. Chinese Cultural Courses
FL 3210: Introduction to Chinese Civilization
FL 3216: Introduction to Chinese Civilization as A Travel Learn Course
FL 3556: Chinese Popular Culture and Films
FL 3551: Survey to Chinese Literature in Translation I (Classical Chinese Literature)
FL 3552: Survey to Chinese Literature in Translation II (Modern Chinese Literature)

C. Breadth/Cognate Requirements
HIST 2472: Modernization of China and Japan, 1600 to the Present
HIST 3410: China in the 20th Century
REL 2700: Eastern Religions
PS 3330: Far Eastern Politics
AH 3750: Arts of China


Lecture Series on China

February 2009
Wed 11th - Time: 2:00-3:00, Location: K-127
Use (and Abuse) of History in China Today.
Dr. Sue Gronewold, Department of History

Wed 18th - Time: 2:00-3:00, Location: K-127
Chinese Style of Communication.
Dr. Wenli Yuan, Department of Communication

Wed 25th - Time: 2:00-3:00, Location: K-127
A Brief Introduction to Chinese Music.
Dr. Jiantian Wang, Department of Mathematics

April 2009
Wed 1st - Time: 6:00-7:00, Location: CAS 358
U.S.-China Relations in the post-Cold War World.
Dr. Lawrence Chang, Department of Political Science

Wed 8th - Time: 2:00-3:00, Location: CAS 358
Images of Chinese in American Media.
Professor Larry Tung, Department of Media and Film

Wed 15th - Time: 2:00-3:00, Location: CAS 358
History of Chinese Religion.
Dr. Dollarhide, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences

Chinese Table

Chinese Program offers this activity on every Wednesday from 12 to 1pm. Everyone is welcomed. You can make new friends, chat with friends, even play the popular Chinese game "Majiang." Only one requirement: Speak Chinese ONLY.

If you have any question or suggestion, please contact David Nguye: dnnguyen1982@gmail.com.

Study Abroad

Your Chinese study won't be completed until you take the trip to China. As the world is getting smaller, everyone has chances to achive this goal.

Two students from Kean studied in China from Summer 2008 to Spring 2009. Their stories will inspire you.



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Visiting Scholars

For the academic year of 2009, Professor Xu Chunyan, lecturer of English at Jilin University in China, joins us to teach Chinese language courses.

Contact Information:
Email: xuchunyanjlu@163.com
Phone: (908) 737-3960