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Academic Amnesty Policy

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Academic Amnesty Policy

The Academic Amnesty Policy is designed to provide former Kean University students, an opportunity to eliminate previously unacceptable academic grades and credits, not courses. It is intended for those students who are now ready to pursue baccalaureate degree requirements.

Beginning Fall 2009, at the time of readmission, undergraduate students may petition for academic amnesty provided the following conditions have been met:

At the time of the request, the student must have had a break in attendance of at least 2 years to be eligible for the Academic Amnesty Policy.
During these 2 or more years, either of the following requirements must have been met by the student:

1. Completed a minimum of 12 college level credits at a community college or another regionally accredited college or university earning a minimum GPA of 2.5

2. Gained maturity outside of higher education with demonstrated personal growth through service in the armed forces, significant service in the community or other public organizations, or recovery from extenuating circumstances such as matters of health.

Students may petition for one or more semesters of amnesty, but the multiple semesters must be consecutive. Each semester must be treated as a whole; the student cannot choose individual classes in a semester. All petitions must be supported by sufficient documentation. The Academic Amnesty Committee may request additional documentation, from the student, when reviewing the documentation supporting the appeal. In the case of extenuating circumstances, appropriate documentation (i.e., letters confirming medical treatment and/or confirmation of illness or death in the family) will be required. All documentation will be reviewed by a committee whose decision will be final; that decision may not be appealed.  This committee has the option of accepting, deferring, or denying the application.  This committee will be appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and be comprised of representatives from CAS, Dean’s Office, VPAA, Faculty, and the Registrar’s Office.

Grades for which academic amnesty applies will not be counted in the student’s cumulative average nor will credits be counted towards the degree, but these courses will remain on the student’s permanent record. The transcript will be marked accordingly. Students can apply for Academic Amnesty only once and the action is irreversible. 

Approved by the Council of Deans, August 20, 2009
Revised and subsequently approved by the Faculty Senate, November 2009

For more information on our academic amnesty policy click here.

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