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Student Support Services

COVID Policies: Students
Students who test positive are required to notify Health Services via
COVID Policies: Faculty/Staff 
Employees who test positive for COVID-19 should report the result to Human Resources at The employee will be advised on the protocol to safely return to work and the University will follow state and federal guidelines on contact tracing. 
Computer and Information Services
OCIS Self-Service Portal/Helpdesk 
The Office of Computer and Information Services (OCIS) offers a self-service support portal/helpdesk at the link posted above. This online location is the central hub for all of your technology needs. The helpdesk provides support for email, passwords, internet connectivity and software installation. You can also request to be added to Kean-wide mailing lists if you are a faculty member not receiving “all_faculty” emails or a student not receiving “all_student” emails.
Student Loaner Laptop Program
Students who are experiencing hardship and need a short-term or long-term loaner laptop can request one by completing this form: or by emailing Community Care coordinator Carla Vitola at
Campus Alerts
All students are required to register for CampusAlert™ as part of the Campus Safety Checklist protocol. This ensures the campuswide communication of important safety measures, road/parking lot and weather closures, etc. Students will be ineligible to register for classes for the next semester until all checklist tasks are completed. Students must register for CampusAlert™ with an email address. Specific instructions for students can be found at  All other (non-student) users should go to 
Nancy Thompson Learning Commons
The Nancy Thompson Learning Commons offers student support services designed to meet the academic and information needs of the student community, including workshops on health and wellness, information literacy, library resources, open educational resources (OER), endnote, public speaking, technology, writing, tutoring, the online learning management system (LMS) and more. 
Library Services 

Location: NTLC 1st Floor 

Book stack

Phone: (908) 737-4629 


Library Services works jointly to meet the academic, research, and information needs of the student community. We provide research assistance and help students find, access, and utilize print and electronic resources for course assignments, career development, and lifelong learning. We can also help students request additional books and articles through the Interlibrary Loan system or access the print book collections of other New Jersey academic libraries using the VALE Reciprocal Borrowing Program.

NTLC Tutoring Services
Subject Tutoring

Location: NTLC 108 

Phone: (908)737-4681


Schedule appts at  The Tutoring Center offers subject-based tutoring for a variety of courses listed under "courses we support" on our webpage. If you need assistance with a subject area that is not listed, please email us at Tutors can assist students with increasing their knowledge, organizing and developing ideas, improving academic skills and working on research strategies.

Writing Services  

Location: NTLC 108 

Quill pen icon in Kean blue

Phone: (908) 737-4793


Writing Services can help students of any writing ability develop long-term proficiency. Tutoring sessions involve active collaboration between tutors and students by examining and improving each student’s writing process. We can assist with essay assignments in all subjects; lab reports, cover letters, graduate school admissions essays, job applications, and any other written project. Our tutors will help students reflect on their writing goals and offer them viable strategies for becoming confident, skilled writers.

Public Speaking 

Location: NTLC 108

Phone: (908) 737-4793


Using the Public Speaking Lab, students will gain the verbal and speaking skills needed to present their best work. Consultants guide students in writing content, creating an impactful PowerPoint presentation, and practicing public delivery or mock interviews useful for class assignments, conferences, and more. The Public Speaking Lab is your resource for engaging and captivating an audience while perfecting your speaking skills. In addition, our English proficiency tutors work with English language learners to support their pronunciation and conversation skills. We offer one-on-one tutoring, group conversation circles, and speaking workshops to provide a variety of environments that allow speakers to use various skills. 

LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation) Program

Location: Bruce Hall 220D  

Phone: (908)737-3599


Offers workshops and research opportunities to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education for underrepresented student populations. Available to students across all School of Integrative Science and Technology (IST ) majors and provides financial support for conducting research with faculty. The LSAMP program helps students reflect on their career goals and offers various career and education opportunities and resources.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Location: NTLC 218

Phone: (908) 737-3090


Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are regularly scheduled, informal review group sessions facilitated by SI Leaders who have successfully completed the course. Sessions involve collaborative learning activities through which students can clarify course concepts and practice different study strategies that will help them truly master the information and skills required by the target course. To make in-person and/or remote SI session appointments, go to  For more information on supported courses, schedules, instructions on how to make an appointment, and more, visit our website or email

A-TEAM Math and English Lab (GE)

Location: CAS 116/117

Phone: (908)737-0314


Adjuncts Tutoring English and Math (ATEAM) is a program where general education (GE) professors provide up to 5 hours a week of small group support for select GE Math courses and select 1000-level writing courses. During the GE MATH ATEAM SL sessions, students will get coaching and feedback that guides them toward mastery of math skills in topics such as critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, communication, and study skills. Students and instructors will collaborate on topics covered in class and work on real-world math problems. You are highly encouraged to bring in questions to these interactive sessions. All general education (GE) math courses offer MATH ATEAM SL sessions for students. These ATEAM MATH SL sessions are 1-hour small group meetings. Your professor will offer 2 to 5 sessions each week. You may also participate in tutoring in the Nancy Thompson Library Learning Commons to fulfill this course requirement if your schedule does not match your professor’s GE MATH ATEAM SL hours. Your professor’s ATEAM SL hours and location will be announced in class. ATEAM ENG small group writing studio is also offered in select sections of ENG 1025 and ENG 1030. Your instructor will let you know if you are enrolled in one of these select sections. For assistance finding your Professor’s ATEAM SL hours please email

Code Samurai Peer-Mentoring Program

Location: GLAB 422

Phone: (908) 737-4720

The School of Computer Science and Technology, under the direction of Austin Huang, Ph.D., and Prof. Paolien Wang, provides Code Samurai peer-mentoring for students enrolled in advanced computer science and information technology courses, including data structures, database, and cybersecurity. Appointments can be made at the Code Samurai website ( All Code Samurai peer mentors have taken the courses that they are mentoring for and can assist junior and senior-level CS/IT majors with navigating academic activities. Once you've worked with Code Samurai, consider applying to be part of the Code Samurai program in the future and mentor others! 

McNair Scholars Program

Location: HH 334E

Phone: (908) 737-3952

Prepares first-generation and income eligible and/or underrepresented students for advanced graduate studies. The program provides undergraduate research opportunities, academic advisement, graduate school preparation workshops with GRE prep, and other educational seminars. The goal is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue and complete graduate studies.

Center for Advising, Persistence, and Success (CAPS)

Location: CAS 111


The Center for Advising, Persistence, and Success believes that holistic and student-centered advising fosters student success, community, and retention. Our team provides culturally responsive academic advising, evidenced-based programming, educational planning, and positive academic transitions for matriculated and undeclared freshman, sophomore, and transfer students at Kean University. We connect students to services and resources across the University, while also empowering them to engage in unique experiences on their academic journey. We assist and advise matriculated and undeclared freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students. Students can schedule an appointment on ADVISE. Freshmen and sophomores can schedule an appointment by following the instructions here.  Juniors and seniors will receive advice primarily from their faculty advisors. If you have questions about majors or other academic inquiries, you can contact CAPS using the email addresses listed above. 

Faculty Advising for Juniors and Seniors: see Student Experience 
Juniors and seniors receive academic advising primarily through their assigned faculty advisor (i.e., a faculty member in your major/dept.). To identify your faculty advisor and find their office hours, students should consult ADVISE Student Experience. 
Kean Wellness Center
The Kean Wellness Center provides holistic, integrated health and wellness services for the entire campus community. The Center's interdisciplinary, student-centered and culturally-inclusive approach is designed to educate and empower students, faculty, and staff to make informed lifestyle choices.  To see upcoming events, click here. 
Student Health Services 

Location: Down Hall 126

Phone: (908) 737-4880


From illnesses to injuries to immunizations, Student Health Services (SHS) provides assistance to all matriculated students of Kean University and offers both in-person and telemedicine appointments. Services covered by the department include primary care, gynecology, STI testing and HIV prevention, LGBTQ+ services, physicals, medical absences, and short-term absences due to medical reasons.  To schedule an appointment, you must first REGISTER for an account on the Student Health Portal. Students can also utilize their student health portal account to submit secure messages to Student Health Services.

Office of Accessibility Services

Location: Down Hall 122

Phone: (908) 737-4910


The newly updated and reorganized Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) is committed to ensuring equal access by fostering an accessible learning environment. Our office provides assistance and accommodations for all students with documented physical, medical, learning, emotional and/or physical disabilities both temporary and permanent.  Students should reach out to the office to schedule an intake appointment.

The Counseling Center

Location: Down Hall 127

Phone: (908) 316-8217


Kean Counseling Center provides a range of mental health services to all registered Kean University students. Our goal is to help students address any personal, social, or emotional concerns that may be affecting their functioning and success. We offer individual and group counseling, consultations, referrals, psychiatric assessments, and medication management. All information is confidential and we are available for remote and in-person services.

Alcohol and Other Drug Services

Location: Down Hall 127

Phone: (908) 316-82170


Alcohol and Other Drugs Services offers confidential consultation and/or individual counseling for University students who have concerns for themselves and/or their family members or friends around issues of substance use. All information is confidential and we are available for remote and in-person services.

KUBIT- Kean University Behavioral Intervention Team

Phone: (908) 737- 5260


KUBIT is a multidisciplinary team that provides proactive intervention, caring support and appropriate institutional response to students exhibiting disruptive and/or concerning behavior.  KUBIT serves five major functions for the University: provides consultation, education, and support to faculty, staff, and administration in assisting students who display disconcerting or unusual behaviors; gathers information to assess situations involving students who display disconcerting or disruptive behaviors; recommends appropriate intervention strategies; connects students with needed campus and community resources, and monitors the ongoing behavior of students who have displayed disruptive or disconcerting behavior. Faculty/staff can make a KUBIT referral by filing a report at If a student’s behavior is concerning but does not pose an immediate safety risk for that student or others, please submit a report. If the behavior poses an immediate threat to the student or others please contact University Police at 908-737-4800 (Union); 732-255-0451 (Ocean)

KUBIT is not responsible for emergencies. In case of an EMERGENCY or immediate danger to yourself, others, or the community please DIAL 911 or call the Kean University Department of Public Safety and Police at (908) 737-4800.

Cougar Connections Center of Social Work

Location: CAS 227

Phone: (908) 737-0530


The Cougar Connections Center of Social Work (CCCSW) promotes and prioritizes a sense of belonging on campus for all students, regardless of their circumstances.  Our goal is to provide a holistic, multifaceted approach to social services and support including, but not limited to, assistance with the following: food, shelter, and clothing resources; emergency financial services; case management support; advocacy; life skills development; safe space support; family resources; and career enhancement. Make a referral here:

Cougar Pantry

Location: Downs Hall


The Cougar Pantry is a food pantry for Kean University students experiencing hunger and food insecurity. It offers an assortment of donated nonperishable foods as well as health and hygiene products.  If you would like to utilize the services provided by Cougar Pantry, please email to contact the staff.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

Location: One Stop Service Center, CAS 1st floor

Phone: (908) 737-3190


Kean University offers a number of scholarships to help qualified undergraduate and graduate students of every race/ethnicity, gender and creed meet the financial requirements of attending college.

All students are strongly encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which will improve their ability to receive needed funding through grants, scholarships, and other types of financial aid. The FAFSA application can be completed electronically by visiting  Links to external scholarships are available on the scholarship website at

Financial Aid

 The Financial Aid Office assists students with all aspects of the financial aid process. The department holds workshops throughout the year to assist students with the FAFSA form and other financial aid questions. All Kean students are assigned a financial aid advisor based on their last names. This information can be found at

Student Accounting
Students that have specific billing questions can email Students that have general questions for the Office of Student Accounting about the flex payment plan, getting a student ID, the refund process,  and hours of operations should email