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Degree Programs

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College of Business and Public Management

Degree Programs

The College of Business and Public Management is comprised of four schools offering the following degree programs listed in the chart below:

  1. The Global Business School
  2. The School of Accounting and Finance
  3. The School of Management and Marketing
  4. The School of Criminal Justice and Public Management
Current Major Guide Sheets and Sample Four Year Plans
Undergraduate Programs major guidesheet minor guidesheet 4 year plan
Accounting PDF PDF PDF
Criminal Justice PDF PDF PDF
Global Business PDF   PDF
Management-Entrepreneurship Option PDF   PDF
Management- General Business Option PDF PDF PDF
Management- Management of Organizations Option PDF   PDF
Management- Supply Chain Option PDF   PDF
Marketing PDF PDF PDF
Public Administration PDF PDF PDF
Graduate Programs      
Master of Science in Accounting PDF    
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice PDF    
Global MBA - Global Management Option PDF    
Global MBA - Executive Option PDF    
Master of Public Administration-General PDF    
Master of Public Administration- Health Services Admin. PDF    

Academic Advisement for Students in the College of  Business and Public Management

  • The College of Business and Public Management views academic advisement as an essential component of the student learning experience.
  • The faculty of the College is dedicated to student development and views advisement an extension of the classroom.
  • Upon admission to the major, each student in the College is advised by a full-time professor from our College.  Each professor dedicates at least eight hours a week to student advisement and assistance.
  • The College utilizes academic advising as an avenue to supporting and developing the student-faculty mentoring relationship.
  • The College of Business and Public Management strives for the highest quality advisement in keeping with the professional standards of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

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