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Scholarships and Awards

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College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences

Scholarships and Awards

Award Opportunities within the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences Award Opportunities

Award and Scholarship opportunities exist with the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences at Kean.  Students can apply for awards/stipends which can allow them to participate in research with faculty as well as offer opportunities for them to increase their skills through experiences such as workshops and tutoring,.

College Award Opportunities

Kean University Foundation Scholarship Awards

The Kean University Foundation sponsors over 150 different named scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. All Foundation scholarships are awarded through a common application. Unless the descriptions indicate otherwise, number of gifts in each category, scholarship availability and award amounts will vary. Most Foundation scholarships are granted as one-time awards. Interested students must complete the Kean University Foundation Scholarship Application.

Foundation scholarships specific to the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences
(Please note: Foundation includes scholarships for STEM at this location as well)

All Foundations Scholarships available

Please check  the Office of Scholarship Services regarding news announcements and deadlines.

All students are strongly encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA), which will improve their ability to receive needed funding. FAFSA applications can be completed electronically at 

Please direct any further questions regarding foundation Scholarships to Mr. Brian Treanor, director of scholarship services at (908) 737-3480 or e-mail the Office of Scholarship Services at

Please go to the Kean University Foundation website, at, to obtain the Scholarship Handbook which contains a more complete listing of scholarship information and opportunities, including other scholarships for Freshman and matriculated students as well as Foundation scholarships more specific to major disciplines in Colleges other than the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences.

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