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New Jersey Center for Science, Technology & Mathematics



NJCSTM Faculty & Staff

Administrative Staff

Keith A. Bostian, Ph.D., Dean, NJCSTM and the Office of Technology Transfer; Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship

Research Interests:  Human microbiome, chemogenomics; toxicology and toxicogenomics, natural products, drug discovery, antimicrobials, entrepreneurship

Office:  STEM 5-13D | E-mail:

Judy April, M.A., Coordinator of Recruitment & Student Services

Office:  STEM 5-13F | E-mail:

Marianne Gass, M.Sc., Assistant to the Dean

Office:  STEM 5-13E | E-mail:

Michele Smalls, Head Clerk

Office:  STEM 5-13 | E-mail:

Michael J. Tocci, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research

Research Interests:  Translational research paradigms, Pathogenic mechanisms in autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases and drug discovery & development

Office: STEM 5-13G | E-mail:


Brian Baldwin, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Science Education

Research Interests:  Professional development for in-service science teachers; educational technology integration in science teacher education; evaluation of science education programs

Office:  STEM 5-02D | E-mail:

Salvatore Coniglio, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemical Biology

Research Interests:  Role of the tumor microenvironment in glioblastoma (brain cancer) progression

Office:  STEM 5-18B | E-mail:

Edward Farnum, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Applied Mathematics

Research Interests:  Differential equations, mathematical modeling, nonlinear waves and solitons, optical pulse propagation, mode-locked lasers.

Office:  STEM 5-20C | E-mail:

Marshall Hayes, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Microbiology & Research Methods

Research Interests: Health indicators in the environment, management of disease in agricultural settings; molecular microbiology of bacteria and fungi, global biogeochemistry, spatiotemporal dynamics of disease in the environment. 

Office: STEM 5-02C  E-mail:

David Joiner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Computational Mathematics & Physics

Research Interests:  Educational technology and computational science; parallel computing education

Office:  STEM 5-20-D | E-mail:

James Robert Merritt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Organic & Medicinal Chemistry

Research Interests:  Medicinal chemistry of small-molecule inhibitors of G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs)

Office:  STEM 5-04B | E-mail:

Dil Ramanathan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry & Biotechnology

Research Interests:  Analytical chemistry methods development for environmental contaminants and human health

Office:  STEM 5-18D | E-mail:

Adjunct Faculty & Guest Scientists

Raul Cano, Ph.D., Executive Director for Microbiome Research at the ATCC Center for Translational Microbiology at the Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship; Professor Emeritus at the Biological Sciences Department, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Research Interests Isolation & analysis of ancient microbial genomes and microorganisms, micorbiome research of ancient and modern human populations, microbial pathogens and disease resistance and antimicrobial drug resistance

Office: Willis Hall 109 | E-mail:

Rachana Bhatt, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor at NJCSTM, Research Associate at Rutgers University, former Adjunct Professor at Fairleigh Dickenson University and Visiting Research Scholar at the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Research Interests: Antimicribial drug delivery and medical devices, microbial films & biopolymers

Office: STEM 5-13A | E-mail:

Tara Cominski, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor at NJCSTM & Assistant Professor of Biology at the College of St. Elizabeth and Research Scientist at the VA Medical Center

Research InterestsNeurobiology, cell & molecular biology, tramatic brain injury, behavioral response mechanisms

Office: STEM 5-13A | E-mail:

Anima Ghosal, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor NJCSTM

Research InterestsEnzymology, drug metabolism and drug interactions

Office: STEM 5-13A | E-mail:

Laura Rokosz, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor NJCSTM & Adjunct Professor in Nutrigenomics at Rutgers University

Research InterestsPharmacology and food sciences, nutrition, metabolic diseases, pain & inflammation, gut health and autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, eating disorders, food allergies, sports nutrition & women's health

Office: STEM 5-13A | E-mail:

Petra Eurlings, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor NJCSTM 

Office: STEM 5-13A | E-mail:

Christopher Cuesta, M.A., Adjunct Professor NJCSTM 

Office: STEM 5-13A | E-mail:

Kevin Jala, M.A., Adjunct Professor NJCSTM 

Office: STEM 5-13A | E-mail:

Research & Support Staff

Noemy Gaitan, M.P.A., Secretary

Office:  STEM 5-13 | E-mail:

Nan Perigo, M.S., Research Facilities Manager

Office:  STEM 1-18 | E-mail:

Yuriko Root, M.S., Research Lab Technician

Office:  STEM 5-04C | E-mail:




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