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English as a Second Language

Welcome to the ESL program at Kean University! The English as a Second Language Program at Kean University serves non-native speakers of English who have been admitted to the university, but who need additional development in English in order to successfully complete a baccalaureate degree. Our program has students from a wide variety of interests who each bring their unique experiences into the classroom. Participants in the program come from Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, South America and across the United States. 


Placement Testing and Registration

Non-native speakers of English are tested after admission to the University. ESL placement testing does not determine admissions status. Rather, it is done to place students in the appropriate level of ESL. The placement test includes:

  1. A written essay
  2. A reading test
  3. A grammar test
  4. An oral interview

After testing, students receive a Letter of Advisement indicating which ESL courses they will need to take. Students then register for classes through the automated registration system or by going to the Registrar's Office. If you are in need of setting up a placement test you will need to contact the Placement Testing office in CAS.

  • All courses with ESL designations are graded on pass/fail basis only. Credit earned for these courses does not fulfill degree requirements. 
  • All core courses are six credits and are taken sequentially based on initial placement.
  • Sections designated as “L” sections within the English Department and General Education courses are taught by ESL specialists. These courses include COMM*1402, ENG 2403, ENG 3090, and GE 2026. Credits earned for these courses fulfill degree requirements.
  • Enrollment in ESL courses and ENG 1202, 1203, 1300, and 1430 is limited to students whose native language is not English. There are special requirements and restrictions related to these courses and their application to the baccalaureate degree. See the Academic Standards and Procedures section of this catalog for information on the English as a Second Language Program. 




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