Art Adventure (Webelos elective adventure: Art Explosion)

The historic portraits of the residents of Liberty Hall hold many secrets!  We’ll discuss how each portrait tells us something about its subject.  Scouts will use origami techniques to create a one-of-a-kind sketch book that will be used as we find inspiration for sketches on the grounds of Liberty Hall.  Using the historic technique of silhouette, scouts will create and personalize a self-portrait of their own to take home.


The Forest Around Us (Webelos elective adventure: Into the Woods)

The grounds of Liberty Hall contain many unusual specimens of trees.  We’ll learn how to identify different types of trees and learn the important roles trees play in daily life from Early American times to present day.  We’ll study the growth rings of a massive tree felled by Hurricane Sandy and learn what those rings can tell us about the life of a tree.    In addition, scouts will learn how to identify four common plants from Liberty Hall’s herb garden.   Scouts will make a booklet of bark rubbings to take home that will aid in identification of their own neighborhood trees.


Scouts, Spies and Soldiers:  A Revolutionary Adventure    (Wolf elective adventure: Code of the Wolf)

In addition to being the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, General George Washington also served as Spymaster in Chief of our intelligence services.  In this exciting program, scouts will learn how Revolutionary era spies used codes, dead drops and ciphers to convey military intelligence.  Scouts will follow clues to find a secret message from General Washington hidden on the trails of Liberty Hall. They will learn how to use the pig-pen code and will discover the important role scouts played during the American Revolution.  Scouts will participate in a musket drill and learn how Revolutionary soldiers trained for battle. All scouts will create and take home their own secret code book.


Green Thumbs (Wolf elective adventure: Grow Something)

The gardens that surround Liberty Hall provide the perfect setting for scouts to learn about the types of plants that thrive in New Jersey’s temperate climate.  Scouts will learn how to identify some of the plants growing in beds throughout the gardens and discuss the wonderful array of herbs that are grown on the property   and how they have been used over the centuries.  Highlights include a visit to our two greenhouses and a hands on seed planting activity that scouts will take home to be cared for and later planted.  


Marble Mania (Bear elective adventure: Marble Madness)

Scouts will learn about the types of toys, games and activities that entertained early American children and have the opportunity to play with reproductions of the very same games and toys.  Scouts will learn about the many different types of marble games dreamed up over the centuries and the unique vocabulary that “mibsters” (marble-players!) use.  The event culminates in a marathon of marble playing with scouts devising their own original marble game.  Each participant will make their own set of clay marbles with a burlap carry bag to take home.


Fur Real! That’s for the Birds!  Or a closer look at our furred and feathered neighbors. (Bear elective adventure: Fur, Feathers and Ferns)

Scouts will hike the trails surrounding Liberty Hall and identify the many animal and bird habitats that critters and birds call home.  In addition, scouts will use magnifying glasses to get up close and personal to look at some of the unique plant specimens growing in our gardens and woods.  Meet Liberty Hall’s resident Guinea fowl and learn how they help control the bug population.  Finally, scouts will make and take home an eco-friendly feeder for the birds.


Tall Tales of the American Revolution (Tiger elective adventure: Tiger Tales)

Many tall tales grew out of American history.  In this program, we will explore tall tales inspired by  the American Revolution.  Scouts will hear some of the folk tales that have been passed down through generations both in story and song.  In addition, scouts will have the opportunity to play with the type of hand-made toys that entertained children in the 18th century.  We will wind up the adventure by painting wooden finger tops to take home.