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Placement Testing

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Placement Testing

Kean University policy requires that all newly-admitted undergraduate students take placement tests in reading, writing, and mathematics, unless they are exempt from all or part of this testing due to their SAT scores or course work completed at other colleges.  Kean administers the ACCUPLACER computerized placement tests.  For more information about who must test, answers to other frequently asked questions about testing, descriptions of the ACCUPLACER tests with sample questions, or to learn how test scores are used to determine course placement, click on the appropriate link below:

 To see a list of upcoming testing dates at Kean and to register for an appointment to test on one of these dates, click on the Register For Test link below.  But first, please note:  This on-line appointment registration system CANNOT be used by students in the following categories:

       • Applicants who have not yet been notified of admittance to Kean University
       • Students admitted through the Spanish-Speaking Program and other English as a Second Language (ESL) students:  (ESL students need to take different placement tests designed for non-native speakers of English.  For more information about ESL placement testing or to make an appointment, please call (908) 737-0340.)

Register For Test

If you have any questions or any problems using this on-line registration system, please contact the Placement Testing Office at (908) 737-0340 for assistance. (Office hours are M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

For more information about Kean University, please click here:

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