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Computer and Information Services

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Computers and information technology are a vital part of Kean University.  The Office of Computer & Information Services (OCIS) maintains and administers university computer systems.  Kean is committed to offering students, faculty and staff access to the software and services they need to facilitate academic achievement and professional growth. 


The Office of Computer and Information Services is committed to providing high quality technology services to the students, faculty and staff of Kean University in order that the University can maintain its commitment of accessibility, both academically and economically, to all students.

OCIS supports and advocates for the use of technology to help facilitate students, faculty and staff to think critically, creatively and globally while adapting to changing social, economic, and technological environments.  This will assist students, faculty and staff to reach their full potential.

Kean University will be recognized as leaders in the use of technology in higher education.  Our students, faculty and staff will have access to and be able to utilize leading edge technologies to support their endeavors while part of the university community and beyond.