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Off-Campus Use Only - Once you have connected to the Internet, enter the following web address in your browser:

NOTE:  You must complete the "Remote System Access" form and submit the completed form to  OCIS in CSS-113 to be authorized to login to the SSL-VPN.

Login using your "Network" User ID and Password.              
Click "Web-UI" under "Web Bookmarks"

On-Campus Use Only - Once you have connected to the Internet, enter the following web address in your browser:

Please note that you must have Java installed on you PC or Mac.

If you receive any security pop-ups, click ‘Run’ or ‘Yes’, which ever appears.


Student System Training Manual using Datatel User Interface

Datatel Appointment and Contact Guide (CASM)


Distributed Financials Training Manual using Datatel User Interface

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You can visit our KEANGoogle page for FAQs.

You can also check out the Google Apps Help Center at: or watch video presentations below.

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KeanWISE for Employees


KeanWISE for Faculty

How to Copy your Class Roster from Kean WISE to Excel

How to Enter Faculty Office Hours using Kean WISE

How to Print your Grade Roster from Kean WISE

A Kean WISE Faculty Quick Reference Guide

Kean WISE Grade Submission Documentation

Never Attended Student Tracking Reporting via Kean WISE



Computer Related Acceptable Use Policy

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy

Copyright Compliance and Electronic File Sharing of Media



Digital Telephone User's Guide

Important Telephone Information

Quick Reference Phone Guide

Kean University Telephone Directory


For TurnitIn information, please go to the CPD Training webpage


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