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Faculty Housing Guidelines

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Faculty Housing

Faculty Housing Guidelines

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Animals and/or pets are prohibited on the premises.  Residents understand that the prohibition of pets also applies to pets of residents’ guests and visitors.


Subletting of rental units is prohibited and any such assignment, subletting, or license shall automatically void and terminate the lease agreement.

School Pick-up and drop-off

Residents should refer to the Hillside Board of Education regarding school pick-up and drop-off locations.

Installing Equipment

Residents must contact Kean University Facilities at 908-737-5000 to install any wall mounts in their units.  Wall mounts must be provided by residents.

Painting Units

Residents are not allowed to paint their rental units. All maintenance will be done at the discretion of Kean University.

Transfer to Another Unit

Residents will not be given an option to transfer to another rental unit during their lease period.

No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the unit and in any of the interior common areas of the East Campus Housing.

Floor covering

Second-floor residents are responsible for providing floor coverings that cover 70 percent of all surface flooring.

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