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Event Planning Process

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Event Planning Process

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Scheduling Information For Student Groups 

Priority scheduling for all recognized student groups in good standing with the University will begin:

Fall Semester
2nd Monday in April

Spring Semester
4th Monday in November

Student Group Meetings 

During the priority scheduling period, student groups will be allowed to schedule a maximum of one (1) weekly group meeting. Additional requests may be submitted after the priority scheduling period has ended. Please note the following information:

Fall Semester
4th Monday in April

Spring Semester
2nd Monday in December

  • Due to the drop/add period during each semester, no classrooms or computer labs will be scheduled for meetings/events until after the 3rd week of academic classes with the exception of College Hour on Mondays (3:20 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.), Tuesdays, and Thursdays (3:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.).
  • UC-228 will only be approved for major programming.

For instructions on reserving student group meeting spaces in Virtual EMS, please click here.

Student Group Event Authorization Process 

  1. An Executive Board member of the recognized student group or organization will submit a concept program proposal form on Cougar Link outlining a general layout of the program they would like to implement. 
  2. The Director, or designee, of the specific department will review the concept proposal and approve or deny the concept via Cougar Link within three (3) business days by 5 p.m. of receipt of the proposal.
    1. It is expected that the Director or designee considers the availability of campus resources, risk management, the mission of the University, and the impact on the student and external community.
    2. Use of facilities or grounds must not interfere with or disrupt educational, academic or other University activities.
  3. For regular meetings, the Executive Board member is required to enter the space request in Virtual EMS.
  4. For all other program types, the event requests will be transferred from Cougar Link into Virtual EMS by an Involvement Specialist.
    1. For events in the Miron Student Center that require a special set-up, set-up preferences must be submitted to the Miron Student Center Administration ten (10) business days prior to the event start date.
    2. For events that require a special set-up in all other locations, the host organization's Events Board representative must submit set-up preferences to the Office of Campus Planning and Facilities at least ten (10) business days prior to the event start date.
    3. No changes in set-up will be accepted within 24 hours of the event. See examples of room set up and diagrams online at reservations.

 Authorization Process For Major Programs 

  1. Once the concept has received a preliminary approval by the Director or designee, it may be brought to the attention of the Events Board to review and approve. (The Events Board meets on a weekly basis.)
    1. Events Board approval is required for major programs or those programs/events that meet the following criteria: events that will have external speaker(s) or a DJ; or events that are sponsored by multiple departments or organizations.
    2. If the concept is approved, the Executive Board member will be allowed to begin planning the event. (A complete proposal must be resubmitted to the Events Board for final approval within the designated timelines for the type of program.)
    3. The Events Board will approve or deny the concept and final approvals via Cougar Link. (It is important to note that two approvals are required from the Events Board: the concept approval and final approval.)

Fundraisers and Bake Sales 

Please note that due to high demand, student groups are permitted a maximum of four (4) fundraisers in the six (6) designated lobby spaces and two (2) Cougar Fairs per semester.


Tabling can be scheduled Monday through Thursday, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the following locations:

  • Bruce Hall Lobby
  • CAS 1st Floor Lobby
  • East Campus Lobby
  • Hennings Hall Lobby
  • Hutchinson Hall Lobby
  • Vaughn Eames Lobby
  • Miron Student Center Atrium

*** A food waiver must be submitted to the Miron Student Center Operations & Event Management office (Miron Student Center, MSC-6) before all requests will be approved.

Definition of Program Types 

  • "Major Events" are defined as, but not limited to, events that have a total budget of over $2,000 (ex: food, entertainment, professional services, security, maintenance, etc.), include 200 or more people (including entertainment), and/or take place in the following locations: Wilkins Theatre, Downs Hall, Harwood Arena, and/or exterior University Grounds. These events must be fully approved by the Events Board at least one (1) month in advance of the program.
  • "Regular Programs" are defined as programs with less than 200 people, that may involve a guest speaker or a faculty member, workshops, trainings, etc. and take place in the Miron Student Center, Maxine and Jack Lane Center for Academic Success, and/or any of the other academic buildings throughout the Kean University campuses. These events must be fully approved by the Director or designee at least five (5) business days in advance of the program.
  • "Meetings" are defined as traditional office, departmental or club meetings, and usually take place on University facilities.

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