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Research Days 2018

Poster Guidelines

Research Day Poster Guidelines

The deadline for submitting Research Days files for printing posters free-of-change is March 26, 2018

All Research Days posters must conform to the specifications listed below. Please read these specifications and guidelines carefully. POSTERS THAT DO NOT CONFORM WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED.


•   All posters MUST include the name of the student researcher(s) and the name of the faculty advisor (identified as the advisor) in the title area.

•   All posters must include the Kean University logo. See Poster Templates / Logos & Examples tab for Kean Logos

•   If your research was supported by internal or external funding (for example, LSAMP, SpF, etc.) the funder should be acknowledged on the poster.


Only two size options are permissible. All posters must adhere to the following sizes, no other sizes will be accepted. We have provided several poster templates here that may be useful.

•   36” (wide) x 24” (tall) landscape

•   36” (wide) x 36″ (tall) square


The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) will print Research Days posters free-of-charge if the student presenter conforms with the following electronic file guidelines and submits the file before the deadline.

  •  We will ONLY accept original PowerPoint files for printing. PDF files, Photoshop files, Publisher files, or any other format will NOT be accepted. We have provided several templates here that may be useful.
  •  Files must be sent to
  •  File must be named in the following format: LeadAuthorLastName_FacultyAdvisorLastName_RD16

•    In the body text of the email, you MUST include:

o   The full name of the lead research student for this project

o   The academic discipline for this project that you selected when you registered to present

o   Your advisor’s full name for this project

•    If you insert charts/graphs, please include those files in the email with your electronic poster file.


The display should be easily read and clear from a distance of at least 3 feet from the board. Include a heading for the title, author(s), and department/program affiliation with lettering at least 36-point font. The rest of your lettering should be at least 28 point font. Be sure to include diagrams, figures, photos, bulleted text, or other visuals that describe your research and that may include information on any of the following:

•     BRIEF statement of your research problem and your research questions

•     BRIEF description of methods and procedures used

•     BRIEF description of anticipated or actual results in relation to your research questions

•     BRIEF description of implications of your study for further research

POSTER PRESENTATIONS THAT CONSIST MOSTLY OF TEXT ARE THE LEAST EFFECTIVE. Please make your poster presentation as visually appealing as possible. Be brief!


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