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Terminate Housing Information

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Residents wishing to cancel their contract once it has been issued must notify the Office of Residential Student Services in writing prior to the specified deadline outlined in the Residence Hall Contract. During the academic year, if a resident requests to terminate the contract, a refund will be made on a proportionate basis for the remainder of the academic term. Residents who request a contract termination with four weeks or less remaining in the semester will not be issued a refund. Residents may not receive a refund should their contract be terminated by the University for conduct reasons. Please see your Residence Hall Contract for more information.

  1. After filing a Petition to Break Contract Form, you must schedule a move-out appointment with your Residence Hall Director in your community center within twenty-four (24) hours of submission of the form. Failure to schedule this appointment will result in a $75.00 improper check out fee.

  2. Upon move-out, your apartment will be inspected, and you must sign your Emergency identification card, and return your keys within twenty-four (24) hours of notifying the main office.

  3. The refund amount will be determined by your actual move/sign-out date, when your keys are returned on your signed Summary of Charges card and Room Inventory form. A refund will be made on a proportionate basis for the remainder of the academic term.

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