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In addition to our hundreds of listed Kean University Foundation, Freshman & Transfer Merit and Distinguished Freshman scholarships, there are several external Web sites that offer scholarship opportunities and resources for all students in virtually every area. While these sites are in no way affiliated with Kean University, they are nevertheless viable options in your quest for scholarship support. Following are some popular scholarship Web sites:

Be sure to check back regularly, as this site is always a work in progress; and do not hesitate to email should you find a scholarship link that has worked for you.

Should you receive an external scholarship, click here to learn what must be done for it to be applied to your account.


External Scholarship Procedure

Because many external scholarships and funding entities have different timelines and criteria, the process for handling these awards is ongoing throughout the year. However, there are a few simple ways to ensure that your external scholarship is posted in the most timely fashion possible.

Ensure that the check is made out to The Kean University Foundation 
Indicate the recipient's name and student id number on the check
Make sure that the address of the funding entity or bank is on the check
When possible, submit both the award letter and check together
Keep copies of everything for your personal files

Checks must be sent to:
Kean University Office of Scholarship Services
Townsend Hall, Room 122
1000 Morris Avenue
Union, NJ 07083

Please do NOT send external scholarship checks to Student Accounting

In the event that a check is forthcoming, please supply the Office of Scholarship Services with a copy of the award letter as well as any accompanying information that should be included in the file as per the funding entity's guidelines. This way, a record of the pending award will be reflected in the student recipient's KeanWise account until the check arrives and is processed. 

Depending on the external donor's specifications, an external scholarship can sometimes be moved across semesters to cover a previous or forthcoming balance. Donor approval must be granted in these situations, and the University reserves the right to adjust the funds from an external scholarship to coincide with any financial aid that a student may already be receiving. In the event that an external scholarship exceeds the cost of attendance, and again per the donor's criteria, a refund check could be issued. In these cases, the recipient is strongly encouraged to apply this refund to a forthcoming tuition payment or books.  

It is the recipient's responsibility to follow up with donors on all external scholarship issues.  

We cannot process checks made out directly to a student, nor can we accept a check which lists a student as the co-payee. 

Please email with any questions about the external scholarship process.

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