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Student Organization

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Our Mission

Student Organization of Kean University strives to enhance the intellectual, cultural, and personal growth of those it represents, by acting as the voice of the full-time, undergraduate, student body. The organization is dedicated to maintaining an environment where the ideals of diversity and free expression can flourish through scholarly opinion, debate, and education.

Our Values

Students are encouraged to voice all viewpoints through active feedback and participation in the governance of Kean University; establishing a lasting dialogue that represents each scholar, in turn, unifying the University community. The organization will work with the administration to ensure optimum student rights; providing all individuals with the opportunity to succeed, in the classroom and in their personal endeavors.

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Student Government Representatives:

 President                                       Damion Wilson                            

Vice President                               Francisco Reyes                 

Vice President of Funded Groups                       Kendra Clark


Vice President of Programming                          Delois Blackmon​          

Vice President of Kean Ocean                        Samantha Toll                           

Treasurer                                       Tezhanae Jackson

Senior Class President                Tahjane Whitsett 


Junior Class President                Joanne Pepino


Sophomore Class President       Kiara Carranza


Freshman Class President          Paul Walker


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