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All Parking Services transactions, other than same day Parking Decal registrations for members of the Kean University community, are handled online.  Please contact us by email with any questions after viewing our website and a member of our staff will contact you by return email or phone if necessary.


All students, faculty, and staff must register their vehicles and receive a Parking Decal in order to park in Kean University Parking Lots. Parking Decals are issued at no cost.  Decals must be displayed properly on the driver’s side of the rear windshield.  All vehicles parked on campus property must be registered with Kean University.  The issuance of a Parking Decal does not guarantee a parking space.  Any person who has a handicap license plate or placard must still register their vehicle with Kean University and display a Parking Decal. 

New for Students Starting Fall 2017Parking Decal / Parking Opt-out:  As part of the Campus Safety Checklist, all students taking classes on the Union campus must register a vehicle for a Parking Decal or opt-out of parking to be eligible to register for classes in the next semester. Students Can Register a Vehicle for a Parking Decal or Opt-out Here.

Freshmen resident students are not permitted to bring vehicles on campus.  Hardship exceptions should be directed to the Office of Residential Student Services (RSS), located in Whiteman Hall, with supporting documentation from medical personnel or an employer.  RSS approval of an exception will be communicated to the Director of Public Safety.

Parking Regulations are in effect at all times unless otherwise posted. 

Students may only park in white lined, non-reserved spaces. Parking is only allowed on Kean University property when attending class, working, or conducting business with/on behalf of the University.
Faculty/Staff may park in yellow lined, non-reserved spaces. 


Parking Decals

Students and Faculty/Staff may apply for a Parking Decal online by going to our online system. Please ensure your address is updated in the system when applying.  Students must contact the Office of the Registrar to update their address. Employees may obtain a Change of Address Form from the Office of Human Resources.

The vehicle’s VIN number and License Plate number / state of issue are required to register, as well as your 7-digit Kean University ID number.  PLEASE NOTE: By using this online site to apply for a Parking Decal, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions.  Applying and obtaining a Parking Decal allows you to park your registered vehicle on Kean University property both legally and abiding by all University rules/regulations. Providing false information may result in the suspension of parking privileges and/or referral for administrative sanctions.

To qualify for a Faculty/Staff decal, an applicant must be regularly employed and on the University payroll, or a full time employee of an organization under contract to the University.

Register for a Kean Parking Decal Here >> 

Additional/Replacement Decals

Apply online for additional or replacement decals for any car that will be parked on campus by using the website listed above, and selecting “Add.” If a decal is lost or stolen, please email the Parking Services Unit directly for assistance in obtaining a new decal.  A new decal must be requested when a new vehicle is purchased and/or a registration is transferred to a new vehicle.

In the event of the use of a rental car or some other temporary vehicle, violation notices for Failure to Register may be appealed so long as there is at least one valid decal assigned to an account.  Temporary passes for rental vehicles will only be approved by the Police Administrative Office if use will exceed one week, and all such passes will allow only white line parking.  Temporary pass requests for this purpose only may be directed to the Police Administrative Office at 7-4840.

Receiving The Decal

After you have completed your online registration, you will be contacted at your Kean University e-mail address when your Parking Decal is ready. The decal will be mailed to the address you have on file in the University's system.  Please ensure that you have updated your address with the Registrar or Human Resources prior to registering.

Same Day Parking Registration

You may visit Police Headquarters during business hours to register online for a Parking Decal using a Kiosk or computer terminal in the lobby.  After completing the online registration, you may immediately pick up your Parking Decal by speaking to our Parking Services staff at the Records Bureau window.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is only available when the Records window is open, the Police Desk cannot do a same day registration after hours.

Parking Map

Are you looking for your parking options?  Click here for a Parking Map and Information Sheet >>

Shuttle Bus / Trolley Service

The Kean University Shuttle Bus/Trolley Service stops at the following locations:

  • Wilkins Theatre (TPA)

  • Liberty Hall Campus/STEM Parking Lot

  • East Campus Parking Lot C (by the bridge)

  • East Campus Parking Lot A

  • Hennings Hall (by the flag pole)

  • Kean Hall Parking Lot (closest to Green Lane)

Please note: Shuttle buses and Trolley buses operate on a rotating basis Monday through Thursday 7:15 a.m. - 10:44 p.m. and Friday 7:15 a.m. - 6 p.m., and are provided as a service to faculty, staff and students who are parked at a distance from their car.


Overnight Parking

Vehicles must be parked overnight in the designated areas.  For resident students and visitors to the residence halls, this is the area between North Avenue and the ORANGE curb/barrier in the Vaughn-Eames parking lot.  Other areas are designated for overnight staff members, who should coordinate parking with their manager to avoid being cited and/or towed by the University Police.

Visitor Parking

The parking area in front of the Administration Building is reserved for visitors who must check in with the posted security officer during business hours.  Faculty, Staff and Students are not permitted to park in the visitors parking area. 

People visiting the campus for conferences, events, or for other reasons should coordinate parking passes with their contact person at the University.  Faculty and Staff hosting events should coordinate with the Office of Conference & Event Services and/or the designated Police Administrative Office contacts to request guest passes. 

Restricted Parking

Parking in all of the following areas is restricted except for vehicles with special parking permits: Handicapped (handicapped license plates or placard required); staff yellow-lined parking spaces, medical parking, Day Care Center, Physical Therapy, Board of Trustees, Office of Small Business, State Vehicles, Loading Zones, Other Signed/Reserved Spaces and Police Vehicle Parking. NJ Transit is no longer offering Kean University parking at the Union train station lot. Unauthorized vehicles parking in the NJ Transit lot may be towed by the property owner and/or ticketed by the municipal police.

Employees who require a special permit for Restricted Parking will be provided one through their department manager after approval by the Director of Public Safety.  Applications for special permits can be obtained by contacting the Police Administrative Office during normal business hours.

Temporary Medical Permits are processed and issued by the Office of Disability Services, follow this link for information:


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