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Research Days 2018

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Only two size options are permissible. All posters must adhere to the following sizes, no other sizes will be accepted. We have provided several poster templates here that may be useful.

•   36” (wide) x 24” (tall) landscape

•   36” (wide) x 36″ (tall) square


The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) will print Research Days posters free-of-charge if the student presenter conforms with the following electronic file guidelines and submits the file before the deadline.

  •  We will ONLY accept original PowerPoint files for printing. PDF files, Photoshop files, Publisher files, or any other format will NOT be accepted. We have provided several templates here that may be useful.
  •  Files must be sent to
  •  File must be named in the following format: LeadAuthorLastName_FacultyAdvisorLastName_RD16

Poster Templates/ Logos & Examples

Suggested Power Point Poster Template

Suggested RD 2018 Logos (Select the Appropriate logo for your poster) 

Poster #1 example, is 24″ X 36″.


Poster #2 example is, 36″ X 36″


Poster #3 : More original approach.


  • Poster Sizing video here

  • How to add a background color or design option to your poster video here

  • How to add ruler and guides feature for alignment video here

  • How to insert and edit a text box video here

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