About Us

As conceived by President Dawood Farahi in 2003, the purpose of the CAS is to ensure excellence and accessibility for all of Kean University’s undergraduate student population. This is to be accomplished by improving, expanding and making more accessible all student academic support services. Initially created by the consolidation of the functions of the Career Services Center, the First Year Center and the Learning Assistance Program, undeclared/undecided student advisement and counseling. The department has grown as more services have been centralized in one unit. A major advancement in the delivery of services occurred with the January 2005 opening of the Maxine & Jace Lane Center for Academic Success Building. This state of the art facility allowed for the consolidation of all CAS service divisions into one centralized location in a prime spot on campus. The new location has been a tremendous boon to the realization of the mission of the CAS.

The CAS serves as an academic support service one-stop center, with its functions driven by the services it provides. The CAS is the student’s home for academic services from entrance to the university through graduation. An additional purpose of the CAS involves providing students, especially under-prepared and at-risk students, with the resources, assistance, support and services that will help retain them to graduation. The basic services of the CAS are organized into the following divisions: Academic Dismissal Appeals; Career Development and Advancement Services (formerly known as Career Services); International Student Services; One Stop; Placement Testing; Registration & Orientation Services, Retention Services, Transfer & Readmission Admissions Services; Tutoring and Learning Support Services; Veterans Affairs; and Writing Center.

All services can be obtained by first stopping at the CAS One Stop Service Center desk, CAS 108, in the front lobby of the Center for Academic Success building. Our contact information is: 908-737-0300, cas@kean.edu.