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Main Office CAS 108
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Email cas@kean.edu

Jean Brown
Chair Person of Academic Dismissal Appeals
CAS 122
Jean Brown
Intervention and Retention Coordinator
CAS 122 908.737.0311 brownj@kean.edu

Kean University Academic Amnesty Policy for Students seeking readmission to the University
Academic Amnesty Instructions
Academic Amnesty Application

Reinstatement / Academic Appeals Process



Main Office CAS 123
Phone (908) 737-0320
Email career@kean.edu
Web Site http://www.kean.edu/~career

Janice Johnston
CAS 123B
Blanca Rosales-Ahn
Career Coordinator
CAS 123 A 908.737.0347 rosalebl@kean.edu
Lorena Caytuero
Administrative Assistant
CAS 123 908.737.0321 caytuerl@kean.edu
Carolyn Galligan
Career Specialist
CAS 123 908.737.0320

Career Development and Advancement at CAS assist students in preparing to compete in today's changing job market. The center maintains information on the latest career resources, techniques and strategies designed to meet the needs of our diverse student population. Our services are personalized and serve to empower students at each stage of their career development, from first year through graduation. The services available include:

Workshops: Resume Writing, Interview Preparation, Job Search Skills, How to Choose a Major




Main Office CAS Lobby
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Hays, Meryl CAS Lobby    
Paulino, Rosa CAS Lobby    


The One-Stop Service Center provides Kean University’s students and community quality student services at a convenient and central location. Located on the first floor of the Center for Academic Success, the center is a starting point for assisting prospective, new, and continuing students with navigating Kean University administratively and academically. Students are able to get assistance, ask questions, and pointed in the right direction with regards to registration concerns, transfer admissions, and general student accounting information. The One-Stop Service Center also serves as a second location to handle matters normally handled at the Office of the Registrar, such as changing schedules or majors. There is always a friendly staff member to assist students with their questions and concerns.

Services include:

Houses variety of forms for new and continuing students:

    Change of major, Change of address and/or name, Graduation applications, Registration petition (for credit overload and course time conflict), Course work at another institution, Grade re-calculations, Pass/Fail Audit request, Social Security Number Correction, NJ Residency Petition.


  • Student petitions may be submitted at One-Stop for consideration. Appeals are handled through the Office of the Registrar. See Academic Calendar for refund timeline.
  • Receive payment for tuition, graduation, and certification fees when student accounting is not open. Payments may only be paid with a check or money order at One-Stop. Other forms of payment must be made at Student Accounting.
  • Accept official transcript request. Official transcripts can only be paid with a check or money order at One-Stop.
  • Provide unofficial copies of transcripts
  • Provide verification of enrollment to students
  • Assist students with adding and dropping courses during registration periods
  • Withdraw students from courses once registration has closed
  • Inform students on how to registrar for closed courses or courses that require special permission or petitions
  • Assist prospective and returning students with the admissions process for transfer, second degree, and re-admitting students
  • Provide copies of program evaluations for transfer students
  • Answer various questions


Academic Calendar




Testing Location CAS 207
Phone (908) 737-0340

Kean University policy requires that all newly-admitted undergraduate students take placement tests in reading, writing, and mathematics, unless they are exempt from all or part of this testing due to their SAT scores or course work completed at other colleges. Kean administers the ACCUPLACER computerized placement tests.

Placement Testing Information Website




Main Office CAS 124
Phone (908) 737-0300
Email cas@kean.edu

The CAS provides a wide range of orientation services for freshman students and their families, such as New Student Orientation and Family Orientations in the fall and spring semesters. The daylong New Students Orientation includes welcomes from President Dawood Farahi, officers of the University and student leaders. A nationally known educational motivator conducts an interactive workshop on time management, study skills and habit modification to fit their new lives as college students. Family Orientation provides a general introduction to the University, informational packets and presentations on services available to students and their families.





Saturday, July 11, 2015  Test & Register 9:00am; Family Orientation 9:30am
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 Test & Register 9:00am; Family Orientation 9:30am
Test & Register 11:30am, Family Orientation 12:00pm
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 Test & Register 9:00am; Family Orientation 9:30am
Test & Register 11:30am, Family Orientation 12:00pm
Monday, July 27, 2015  Test & Register 9:00am; Family Orientation 9:30am
Wednesday, July 29, 2015 Test & Register 9:00am; Family Orientation 9:30am
Test & Register 11:30am, Family Orientation 12:00pm
Tuesday, August 4, 2015 Test & Register 9:00am; Family Orientation 9:30am
Test & Register 11:30am, Family Orientation 12:00pm
Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Test & Register 9:00am; Family Orientation 9:30am
Tuesday, August 18, 2015 Test & Register 9:00am; Family Orientation 9:30am
Test & Register 11:30am, Family Orientation 12:00pm
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 Test & Register 9:00am; Family Orientation 9:30am
Test & Register 11:30am, Family Orientation 12:00pm


Monday, August 31, 2015




Main Office CAS 122
Phone (908) 737-0300
Email cas@kean.edu

For most students, college is an exploratory time in their lives as they prepare for their future careers. However, many students, referred to as undecided students, are unsure of which major to pursue. Another group of students, known as undeclared students, have a desired major but are unable to formally declare it for various reasons, such as having a low grade-point average or being on academic probation. To help this special population of students, Undecided/Undeclared Students Services at CAS provides career and major exploration and academic monitoring and counseling.

Mission, Goals & Objectives


Jean Brown
CAS 122 908.737.0311 brownj@kean.edu
Audrey (Ilesiah) Gray
Principle Clerk Typist
CAS 124 908.737.0323 agray@kean.edu




Tutoring and Learning Office CAS 124
Phone (908) 737-0300
Email cas@kean.edu
Web Site http://www.kean.edu/~castutor

Jackie Langley
Tutoring Coordinator
CAS 124D

The objective of Tutoring and Learning Support Services at CAS is to enable Kean student to gain competence and achieve excellence despite the time limitations imposed by everyday obligations, as well as the varying level of background experiences and academic preparations faced by many of our undergraduates.

Tutoring is available by appointment and on a drop-in basis. Sessions are one-on-one or in groups. The Center for Academic Success selects and trains both student and professional tutors.

Tutoring focuses on areas in which students most often experience difficulty, from introductory-level through senior-level courses. Tutorial activity is adapted to course content and objectives, and is an extension of classroom instruction. The goal is to provide all students the opportunity to achieve the highest grade possible and also to master the academic content needed to progress in their academic careers.

Tutoring and Learning Support Services also works closely with departments such as the Spanish Speaking Program and the English as a Second Language Program to assist these students populations in addressing their specialized needs.




Main Office CAS 208
Phone (908) 737-0367

Lilliam Banner
Designated University Official
CAS 222


Kean University and the Office of Veterans welcomes our veterans as they pursue their educational program(s). The Kean University administration, faculty and staff are dedicated to help our veterans achieve their educational and career goals.

The Office of Veterans Affairs helps our veterans obtain their educational benefits through the Veterans Administration.




Main Office CAS 111E
Phone (908) 737-0317

At the Kean University Writing Center, peer writing coaches provide non-judgmental, one-on-one support for all writers.  We work with writers at all stages of the writing process – whether you are brainstorming ideas, or working on the final stylistic changes.

It is a place where you can learn to:

  • gather ideas, find a focus, and develop pre-writing
  • get “unstuck” – and get writing finished on time
  • draft, organize, and develop work at any point in the writing process
  • manage long or difficult writing projects that may need to be written in parts
  • make effective revisions
  • make informed choices about language and writing conventions
  • develop strategies for proofreading

Tips for Success:
  • Please be on-time (sessions are 50 minutes each
  • Come when you first get the assignment.
  • Come with a goal (Outline/Draft/ Brainstorming)
  • Come more than once.

The Center has several computers, but if you have your own laptop it will ensure that you can work on electronic documents.  If you do not have a laptop, bring your work on a USB memory device, or send it to yourself in your email so you and your writing coach can work on one of the Center’s computers.

Writing Center WebSite