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School Psychology (Professional Diploma)

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School Psychology (Professional Diploma)

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The Professional Diploma in School Psychology is a 66 credit, comprehensive training program designed to prepare candidates as professional school psychologists to work in schools and other child service settings in New Jersey and throughout the United States.  The Professional Diploma Program is a full-time program of study; students who are accepted into the program must attend classes on a full-time basis.  The program requires both foundation and core courses to develop candidates’ knowledge, skills, and values that will enable them to optimize the learning and mental health, and overall functioning of a diverse range of students ages 3-21. The Professional Diploma also prepares candidates to apply knowledge and skills that promote healthy and safe school climates for students, their families, and school personnel.  In addition, the program is built around a set of structured practical experiences and an externship designed to promote advanced competencies in assessment, academic and psychosocial interventions, consultation and collaboration, prevention and other primary areas of school psychology.

To qualify for the Professional Diploma, individuals must first complete the M.A. in Educational Psychology as a sub‑unit of the professional diploma program. The M.A. in Educational Psychology involves completion of one year of foundation courses that develop integrated knowledge and skills across the fields of psychology and education and provide the core for the development of more advanced competencies. The M.A. in Educational Psychology also requires candidates to pass a first year comprehensive exam. After completion of the M.A. in Educational Psychology, candidates move on to professional courses in the second year. These courses are designed to build upon knowledge and skills developed in the foundation courses and to train candidates in advanced competencies related to assessment, intervention, consultation, prevention and other core domains of school psychology. In the third year, candidates complete a full-time 1200 hour externship in a school setting. Upon completion of the 1200 hour externship, its accompanying professional seminars and positive impact project, and passing of the third year comprehensive exam, candidates are eligible for certification as a school psychologist in the state of New Jersey. In addition to completing the aforementioned requirements, candidates must also attain a passing score on the Praxis II Exam in School Psychology in order to earn their Professional Diploma.

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

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