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If you are planning to become a teacher at Kean University, please note the information that follows:

  • You must first apply and be admitted to the University;
  • You will begin at Kean as “intended for education” and you will need to designate what education program you will be intended for: P-3/K-6, K-6, K-6/5-8 or K-12 for General Education Classrooms or Teacher of Students with Disabilities for Special Education Classrooms.  Education is not a major at Kean University – you must select an academic discipline for your major (for P-3/K-6 sociology and psychology may be selected as majors or you can choose an academic subject as well; for K-6/5-8 and K-12 you must choose an academic area taught in schools including English, Math, Science, and/or Social Studies as a major).
  • Pay careful attention to your transfer evaluation to make sure that you do not enroll in the same course by accident.  You cannot receive credit twice for the same course.
  • You must formally apply for admission to the College of Education once you have met the following requirements:  a gpa of 3.0 and passing scores on the Praxis I Core Academic Skills Test for Educators given by Educational Testing Service.  The Praxis I Core is a reading, writing and mathematics skills test that is required by the State of New Jersey for teacher certification.
  • Without passing scores on the Praxis I Core, you cannot take education classes at Kean University.
  • We strongly recommend that you take the Praxis I Core while you are enrolled at the Community College.  A passing score makes the transfer process much easier because you will meet admission requirements to the College of Education immediately. 


What Resources are available to prepare for Praxis I Core:  STUDY-STUDY-STUDY

  • There are many resources you can use to prepare for the exam.

                McGraw Hill has a program called Learn Smart that offers a diagnostic test and will identify the topics you need to study for the Praxis I Core.
                You can purchase study materials online from ETS directly.
                You can purchase practice tests from an online provider called Exam Edge.
                You can purchase a review book for the exam from any college bookstore.

  • You can take the Praxis I Core multiple times without penalty.   The first time taking the exam, you will need to take all three parts.  After that, you can take whichever parts you still need to pass one by one until you have passed all three parts.  While this option is a bit more expensive, it may be helpful as it will be less overwhelming.

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