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School of English Studies



English B.A. 

The English major leads to a wide knowledge of American and English literature and to the development of skills in analysis, research and writing. The course of study prepares students to succeed in the professional workplace, where superior communication skills are especially valued, and to undertake law school, as well as graduate work in literature. The major also serves as an excellent second major for students planning teaching careers in early childhood and elementary education, the development of literacy being such a prominent part of the school curriculum at these levels. (State regulations require a second major in the liberal arts for teacher certification in these fields.) 

The major also offers options in writing and teacher certification for teaching English on the secondary level. The writing option provides extensive and personalized course plans in all types of creative and applied writing including journalism. The teacher certification option comprises the same course plan as that for the standard option along with an additional course in Young Adult Literature.

Extracurricular life as an English major is rich. The department sponsors a student social club The Kean English Student Association that helps organize such activities as theater trips to New York, student symposiums and visits by distinguished writers. Outlets for student writing are readily available through Creation Space, a student literary magazine and Website sponsored by the Department  of English, and through The Tower, a student newspaper guided by the Department's journalism professor.

The Department  of English routinely offers internships in publishing and journalism, as well as honors courses and opportunities for independent study on an advanced level.

The department's faculty include widely published scholars and creative writers with degrees from a diversity of prominent institutions, such as Harvard, New York University and the University of Wisconsin. The faculty are also noted as distinguished teachers with a preference for interactive instruction, student participation and personal mentoring.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Situated in the Department of English, the ESL (English as a Second Language) Program at Kean University serves non-native speakers of English who are admitted to the university but need additional development in English in order to successfully complete a baccalaureate degree. 

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