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Facilities and Campus Planning

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    Facilities and Campus Planning

    From its modest beginnings in Newark more than 150 years ago to the bustling 150-acre campus it calls home today, Kean has grown physically and academically to become one of the finest public institutions of higher education in New Jersey. The strength, viability and energy of the university are palpable throughout the campus. In recent years, Kean has transformed its buildings and services into a dynamic community replete with state-of-the-art facilities to support academic excellence and cutting-edge research. Today, Kean ranks as the third largest public university in the state. More than 14,000 undergraduate and graduate students study a broad range of disciplines here each year, utilizing the expertise and resources of a diverse faculty and campus community.
    Facilities and Campus Planning uses a cloud based software application called School Dude - Maintenance Direct. You can access and fill out a work request from any web capable device, from any location. This includes your classroom, office, or even home. Once you complete the request form, you will receive email updates regarding its status. You will also be able to track each work order you enter from the request website. This provides transparency and eliminates the need for phone calls, emails, and trips to the office to check on your requests.
    To learn more, read the step-by step guide which walks you through the process of getting in and completing a request when you need to submit one, or you can watch the Requestor training video:
    School Dude products will allow us to coordinate, track, report, and manage our Universities operations.

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