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Kean University Department of Public Safety/Police 

Our Values

Integrity. Courage. Respect. 

Our Mission

Kean University maintains its own police department, providing full law enforcement and security services to our community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please see the links along the right side of this page to learn more about the many services offered by the Department of Public Safety to the Kean University community. Our mission is to provide a safe and secure campus by maintaining quality police, safety and security services in partnership with the community we serve. The Department provides the full spectrum of law enforcement services, from uniformed Patrol to a fully staffed criminal investigations bureau to maintaining our own K-9 response unit. The Department also works in close cooperation with the surrounding municipal and county law enforcement agencies, as well as stakeholders throughout the other University departments, to provide the safest possible environment for our community.

Members of the University community are encouraged to report all crimes - actual, attempted or suspected - as well as any other emergency situations to our Department. Blue Light telephones have been strategically placed at 13 outdoor locations throughout the campus. Use them for non-emergency and emergency situations. For non-emergencies, use the key pad to dial five-digit on-campus telephone numbers. For emergencies push the red button. The number for our 24-hour Communications Center is x74800, or (908)737-4800 from a cellular or off campus phone. Free on-campus telephones are located in the lobbies and corridors of most campus buildings.

All members of the Kean University community are urged to save our phone number as a cell phone contact for reporting emergencies or other incidents on campus property, as cellular 9-1-1 calls may not route directly to our Communications Center depending upon the location the call is placed from. 

Quick Links

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