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All Kean students who attend classes on campus must receive a COVID-19 vaccination before the Fall 2021 semester begins. Learn more on the #VaxUpKean website.

Police Operations


The Department of Public Safety/Police Operations Division consists of several Bureaus which provide first response and follow up law enforcement services to the Kean University community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All members of the Operations Division are sworn law enforcement officers, trained at a New Jersey Police Training Commission (PTC) Police Academy and commissioned under Title 18A with statewide police authority.  

The primary responsibilities of the Operations Division include, but are not limited to; responding to calls for service, proactive and preventative patrol, the completion of required reports, conducting criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, background investigations, training, conducting surveillance, and other tactical operations as required or directed.  


Bureau Supervisor:

This Bureau is responsible for the protection of life and property, the prevention of criminal activity, the apprehension of criminal offenders, enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Code, the preliminary investigation of calls for police service, and continuous twenty-four (24) hour patrol by uniformed police officers in vehicles and on foot.  The Patrol Bureau, by nature of it's responsibilities, is the most visible part of the Department of Public Safety/Police.  Patrol officers respond to over 25,000 calls for service per year for the Kean University community.


Bureau Supervisor: Lt. Michael J. Gorman III, Investigations Supervisor.

The Investigations Bureau is charged with following up on all crime and incident reports (including acts of Domestic Violence), indictable report review, crime scene processing, communication with other University Departments regarding crimes / incidents, transportation of evidence for lab work, and coordination with the Union County Prosecutor’s Office and various municipal prosecutors regarding criminal cases.  The Investigations Bureau also coordinates the Department's K-9 Unit and works in cooperation with the Training Bureau and the Office of Professional Standards to provide instruction on various topics to both students and employees of the University.


Bureau Supervisor: 

The Training Bureau is staffed on a part-time basis by a sworn supervisor and various members of the Department who are assigned on a secondary basis to provide training or instruction to the public, the Department, University Officials, other law enforcement agencies, and at or in support of the Union County Police Academy.  Members of the Training Bureau are generally Police Training Commission certified instructors or have received other equivalent certifications.  The Training Bureau also oversees all of the Department's internal training courses and the Field Training Program for new Police Officers.  This Bureau is coordinated as part of the Office of Professional Standards.


The IT Bureau is staffed on a part-time basis by both sworn and non-sworn members of the Department who provide technological support to all members.  The IT Bureau coordinates a number of systems used by the Department in cooperation with the Office of Computer and Information Services, including the CampusAlert System, the campus CCTV system, the Police Records Management System and the Parking Services online systems.