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Child Care Center

The Kean University Child Care Center was established in the mid 1970ʼs to provide quality child care to the children of Kean students. Today, the program is open to the public and enrolls children from neighboring communities. It also continues to fulfill its mission of providing care and education to the children of students, as well as faculty and staff.

The center is located in the campus school complex (Campus School North) and across from Harwood Arena. Children, ages two and a half to five, are enrolled in our day program. School-age children, up to the age of twelve, attend the evening care program during academic semesters. An integral part of the Kean community, the Center offers opportunities for students to observe and interact with the children to complete class assignments. Employment opportunities are also available. 
The Child Care Center is open from 7:45 am until 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday during fall and spring semesters; summer hours are determined each spring. Children may attend three, four, or five days a week according to their parentʼs schedule. Evening care hours are 4:15 pm - 7:45 pm, Monday through Thursday, during fall and spring.