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Services and Contacts

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Appliance and mechanical system maintenance and repairs

Kean University maintains and services the kitchen appliances and the heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems in the resident’s rental unit. If there are any repairs or maintenance issues, residents should contact the Department of Facilities at (908) 737-5000.

For all maintenance requests, work orders must be placed online.  The system is accessible from the following link: School Dude - Maintenance Direct

The password for the system is: password

To learn more, read the step-by step guide which walks you through the process of getting in and completing a request when you need to submit one.

Snow removal

Kean University Facilities will clear walkways, steps, and on-site parking spaces of snow and ice.

Trash and recycling

Kean University will provide dumpsters or cans for trash and recycling. There is no charge for removal.


Kean University will be providing all utilities including cable TV.

Locked out, lost or replaced keys

East Campus Faculty Housing residents should contact Campus Police at 908-737-4800, available 24 hours, if they have been locked out or have lost their keys. Residents will be charged if the locks need to be changed in the case of a lost key.

Reporting Public Safety Issues

East Campus Faculty Housing residents should contact the Campus Police at 908-737-4800 for any safety issues including noise and disturbances.          

Important Contacts for Services

Kean University Facilities
Ken Kimble, Acting Director
Maintenance Building 122
T: 908-737-5000
F: 908-737-5005

Campus Police
Ana Zsak, Acting Director
Department of Public Safety & Police (available 24 hours)
Downs Hall
T: 908-737-4800
F: 908-737-4805

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