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Kean ID Cards

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Office of Student Accounting

Kean ID Cards

Kean University REQUIRES ALL active, registered students, faculty and staff to have an official Kean University Identification Card. Kean ID Cards provide access to campus buildings and classrooms, computer labs, the gymnasium and dormitories. The Kean ID card also serves as a form of identification for on-campus activities and University events. Students may also use Kean ID Cards for Meal Plans, Cougar Dollars, and Flex Plans, if applicable.

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Obtaining a Student ID Card
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Kean ID Cards are obtained from the ID Card Office located in the Office of Student Accounting on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building. To receive your Kean ID, you must show a valid (legal) form of photo identification; for example, Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, Military/Dependent ID. There is no charge for the first card issued. If a card is lost, stolen or damaged, all are subject to a $15 replacement fee. Lost cards should be reported to Office of Student Accounting immediately. Payments are to be made at the Office of Student Accounting.

As part of the Campus Safety Checklist, all students taking classes on the Union campus must have a Kean University Student ID to maintain registration eligibility.

Each student is responsible for the security of his/her card. Kean ID Cards are non-transferable and students may not "lend out" their cards to others. Cards that are used by someone other than the cardholder will be confiscated and disciplinary action may be taken.

*NOTE* Students working on campus, who are not registered for current term classes, may have their Kean ID Card activated with their supervisor’s permission.

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Kean University Currencies
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Kean University allows students to add funds to their Student ID card which may be utilized at various establishments both on and off campus as well as at Kean Ocean. Below is information on the different "currencies" as well as the plans offered. These funds may not be used to obtain cash advances, purchase alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, or money orders.

Cougar Cash

Cougar Cash may be used for food only on campus and at specific off-campus locations. Cougar Cash is issued as part of the University meal plans. When issued in connection with the Unlimited Meal Plan or the Block Meal Plan, Cougar Cash is non-refundable and will roll over from Fall to Spring semester but will expire at the end of the Spring semester.

Cougar Dollars

Cougar Dollars are able to be used for food only and only at locations on the Kean University Union Campus. Cougar Dollars are issued as part of the University meal plans. Cougar Dollars are non-refundable and will roll over from Fall to Spring semester but will expire at the end of the Spring semester.

Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars may be used for food, books, and other items at the Kean University Union Campus and at specific off-campus locations. Flex Dollars can be purchased at any time in any amount. Flex Dollars roll over from semester to semester and any unused portions are fully refundable.

Kean Bucks

Kean Bucks are earned incentive funds available to students who take weekend classes. They may be used for food, books, and other items at specified locations on campus and at the Ocean County College Bookstore. Kean Bucks are non-refundable and will expire one year from the date of issue. For further information and eligibility on how to earn Kean Bucks please visit our Kean Bucks page.

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Meal Plans
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To access your meal plan with the fastest service, don’t leave home without your Kean ID card. The New Residence Hall and the Cougar Residence Hall dining locations are the only places you can use your meal plan while Cougar Dollars and Cougar Cash can be used at many of the off-campus (Union) eateries. There is a useful chart below under the heading Kean Currency Accepted Locations. So, purchase your favorite meal or treat with just the swipe of your card.

All students living in University Residence Halls are issued and enrolled in a meal plan within 48 hours of their housing assignment.

Student meal plan eligibility is based on a student's class level. Class level is determined by the number of credits earned. Please see below to determine your class level and available meal plans.

Freshman - Maximum of 28.5 earned credits
Sophomore - Minimum of 29 to a maximum of 55.5 earned credits
Junior - Minimum of 56 to a maximum of 89.5 earned credits
Senior - Minimum of 90 earned credits

Meal Plan Available to Meal Plan Cost Includes Other Features
Unlimited Meal Plan Freshmen (Default)
$1,972 Unlimited Meals
$100 Cougar Cash
$100 Cougar Dollars
2 Guest Meals per month
Block Meal Plan Sophomores
Juniors (Default)
Seniors (Default)
$1,412 96 Meals
$100 Cougar Cash
$200 Cougar Dollars
Cougar Cash & Cougar Dollars carry over from Fall Term to Spring Term.
No maximum or limited number of meals per week.
Declining Balance Plan Juniors
Includes a $30 service fee.
$500 Cougar Cash
$1,000 Cougar Dollars
All unused Cougar Cash is refundable (Cougar Dollars are not refundable). *NOTE: Refunds are available only if all student account balances are satisfied.
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Meal Plan Policies
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GENERAL INFORMATION:  Students may change their meal plan selection or assignment through the second week of the semester ONLY. Changes to assigned meal plans can be made on KeanWISE by selecting “Change My Meal Plan” on the “Meal Plan Options” menu. Freshman students are only able to choose the MK-100 freshman plan. Sophomores are able to choose from the MK-100 or the KB-96 plan. Upper-Classmen (Juniors and Seniors) wishing to change their meal plan assignment may choose from any Meal Plan options. Please note that you are financially responsible for any additional meal plan charges incurred as a result of changing your meal plan. The online meal plan change process for the fall semester is available from July 1, 2017 through September 15, 2017. The online meal plan process for the spring is available for January 1, 2018 through January 26, 2018.

GUEST MEALS: The MK-100 Freshman Meal Plan also includes two guest meals per month. Bring a friend and share a delicious meal before, between or after class. At the end of every month any unused guest meals will be forfeited.

MEAL PLAN EQUIVALENCY: Students who have purchased the Unlimited Meal Plan (MK 100) or the Block Meal Plan (KB 96) can also utilize meal plan equivalencies. During certain hours, 1 pm to 3 pm for Lunch and 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm for Dinner.  A meal equivalency allows for a student to choose to eat at the Miron Student Center Food Court rather than the Residence Dining Hall.  Students using this option will not be able to utilize their meal plan in the Dining Hall during the designated equivalency meal hours.

MEAL PLAN LATE ASSIGNMENT POLICY: Resident students who are assigned a Meal Plan during the first two weeks of the semester will incur the full cost of the Meal Plan. Resident students assigned a Meal Plan after the first two weeks will incur a prorated charge based on the date of the assignment.

MEAL PLAN RESTRICTIONS: Please note that students are not allowed to obtain cash advances, purchase alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, or money orders with their Cougar Dollars or Cougar Cash.

MEAL PLAN CANCELLATION POLICY:  Students who have purchased a meal plan and withdraw from Kean University or terminate their housing contract may cancel their meal plan. The meal plan credit will be based on the date of cancellation and number of Meals/Cougar Dollars/Cougar Cash used at the time of cancellation. This cancellation request must be received within the semester the meal plan was purchased.

Prior to the beginning of the academic semester the following cancellation policy will apply:  A student who cancels their housing or withdraws from the University will receive a 100% reversal of the meal plan charge.

Once the meal plan is valid and can be utilized in dining services, the following cancellation policy will apply: A student who cancels their housing or withdraws from the University will receive a credit calculated on a percentage basis (equivalent to the Residence Life cancellation policy) or the student will receive a credit based on the number of Meals/Cougar Dollars/Cougar Cash used, whichever is higher.  Refunds will be issued only after any balance due on the student account has been satisfied.

MEAL PLAN REFUND APPEALS:  Students may appeal a calculated refund within the semester the meal plan was purchased. Meal plan refund appeals must be directed to the Office of Student Accounting at

MEAL PLAN EXEMPTION:  Students may request to receive exemption from the meal plan for a specific documented medical condition. Students must submit a letter of appeal by September 1, 2017 for the Fall 2017 semester and December 1, 2017 for the Spring 2018 semester to:

Donna Dingle, Counseling & Disability Services, Kean University, 1000 Morris Avenue, DN-122, Union, NJ 07083.

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Kean Currency Accepted Locations
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Eateries On-Campus (Kean Union)

Location Cougar Cash Cougar Dollars Flex Dollars Kean Bucks
Au Bon Pain  
Auntie Anne's
Barnes & Noble Cafe    
Campus Vending Machines    
Cougar's Den
Jersey Mike's Subs
Miron Student Center Food Court
Northside Café (East Campus)  
Residence Dining Hall
Starbucks (CAS 3rd Floor & Nancy Thompson Library)

Eateries Off-Campus (Kean Union)

BonChon Chicken    
Koki Buffet    
Rockin' Joes    
Tropicana Diner    


Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore    
Ocean County Book Store    

Cougar Cash is non-refundable when issued in conjunction with the Unlimited Meal Plan or the Block Meal Plan. Cougar Cash may be rolled over from the Fall to Spring terms, but any unused portion will expire at the end of the Spring term. Cougar Cash issued as part of the Declining Balance Plan can be refunded up to a maximum of $500.

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