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Our Mission

The primary mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to support the academic program of the University by contributing to the comprehensive educational experiences of students. 

Specifically, the Division coordinates programs in collaboration with student organizations, academic departments, and administrative units that assist students in problem-solving, acquiring leadership skills in developing insights that facilitate personal and interpersonal competence, as well as understanding and appreciating diversity.

The Division also offers professional services that support personal health & safety and sponsor -curricular experiences within an environment where students can address their issues and explore and test their values, interests and skills.

Core Values

Student Affairs dedicates itself to facilitating student learning and personal growth and the achievement of the University's Strategic Plan goals.  To this end, Student Affairs aligns itself around the the following three core values: Student Development & Life-long Learning; Student Wellness (Emotional, Physical, & Psychological); and Diversity & Inclusion.

Student Development & Life-Long Learning

  • A primary function of the Division of Student Affairs is to provide an attractive, dynamic and engaging campus life community replete with student development opportunities. The vibrant campus life at Kean University continues to aid in the attraction and retention of a diverse and committed student body. Through education, programming and campus- wide events, the Division fosters a sense of personal responsibility in students regarding how individual decisions and actions may affect others.  Further, the Division provides resources and services that build a sense of belonging within the Kean University community.  Through active student engagement, the Division of Student Affairs creates an environment where students are excited to learn and proud of their affiliation with Kean University.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • The Division of Student Affairs commits itself to diversity and inclusion.  The services, training, and programs provided by Student Affairs are grounded in the basis that all community members are welcome at Kean University.  Notably, Kean University is one of the most diverse institutions in New Jersey and in the nation.  This unique advantage for Kean is visible through the cultural and educational programs and events offered by the Division of Student Affairs. 

Student Wellness (Emotional, Physical, and Psychological)

  • Student Affairs provides a forward-thinking environment that protects the health and safety of the Kean community. Additionally, Student Affairs dedicates itself to creating a safe environment where students take responsibility for their actions and wellbeing by being more informed and knowledgeable.  Student Affairs through its administrative units provide a team of staff and clinicians who collaborate to educate students on becoming proactive, responsible, informed students who control their well-being and ability to contribute to creating a safe environment. 

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