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Graduate and Part-time Student Council

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Graduate and Part-time Student Council

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Our mission is the service of our constituency, the Graduate and Part-time students of Kean University. We will foster the development of a stimulating, interactive environment. Our goal is to enhance the academic, social and cultural experiences of our community, by encouraging the true meaning of diversity on our campuses.

Our representation of our members will employ the assets of Student Government, assisting our members to achieve the finest academic standards and promoting the principles of academic excellence. We will strive to maintain an atmosphere of unencumbered scholarly opinion, debate and learning, while presenting programs, both on and off the campus for your interest and edification at affordable prices.

We will represent the concerns and reservation of our members to the administration, its officers and staff seeking a favorable resolution of those matters as we strive to promote leadership and the development of student leaders. We do this recognizing that today’s student leaders are tomorrow’s world leaders. We invite you to join our continuing effort.

Respectfully, we are:

Graduate and Part-time Student Council


Talk to us!  Email us at or Email the Executive Board directly!  

President             Hailey Cruz

Vice President     Robert Schiele

Treasurer             Lisa Pinto

Secretary             Yesse Pullo

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