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Campus Security Authorities

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Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act

Campus Security Authorities

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The Clery Act specifies that officers of the Department of Campus Police and Public Safety will serve as official campus security authorities for the purpose of reporting criminal offenses. Other officials of the University who have responsibility for campus security reporting include: officials of the institution who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities; and individuals identified by University campus security policies as the individuals to whom students and employees should report criminal offenses.

Professional staff and administrators within the following departments/units have been designated as campus reporting authorities: Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Office of Residential Student Services (including Resident Assistants and student security staff), Center for Leadership and Service (including faculty advisors to student groups), Department of Athletics and Recreation, Miron Student Center Operations and Event Management, Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct, Office of Student Government, Health Services, Kean Ocean Administration Office, Kean Ocean Campus Life Office, Wenzhou-Kean University Office of Academic Affairs, Wenzhou-Kean University Office of Student Affairs, Ocean County College Campus Security and Public Safety Department and university vice presidents and academic deans. Individuals affiliated with those departments are responsible for reporting crime statistics. Campus Security Reporting Forms can be accessed by clicking here and are available from the Department of Public Safety and Police and may be obtained from the director of each administrative unit.

Campus ministers and psychological counselors within the Office of the Kean Counseling Center are exempt from reporting criminal statistics, but are encouraged to voluntarily report non-personally identifiable statistical information for the annual crime report.


The Clery Act

To learn more about the Clery Act and the reporting requirements for Campus Security Authorities, please review our online education module.

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