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All undergraduate degree programs at Kean have a General Education (GE) component.  Through GE coursework, students in all majors have common educational experiences and opportunities to acquire and develop the values, skills and knowledge associated with a broad liberal arts and sciences education to support students in their pursuit of an academic major and career.

The General Education Program features: (1) a vertical structure intended to bring students progressively to higher levels of proficiency, competence, and understanding; (2) connections within and between disciplines and opportunities for students to pursue interests in interdisciplinary areas; (3) courses that provide ongoing values and skills development along with content; and (4) courses that provide multicultural and global perspectives.
The General Education Program will build knowledge of diverse cultures and historical references through the arts, literature, humanities and social sciences.  Furthermore, students will have command of the scientific method as an important mode of inquiry.
The General Education Program will develop practical skills including proficiency in communication in both oral and written forms.  In addition, skill proficiency is expected in quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, reading comprehension and information literacy.
The General Education Program will instill students with a distinct set of values.  These values include ethical & social responsibility, contributing as active members and leaders to the community through civic & social engagement, and showing respect for diverse communities and perspectives.
Appropriate in rigor and content, the General Education Program at Kean will build a diverse community of learners consistent with the University’s mission and the following student learning outcomes of Kean University:

  1. Think critically, creatively, and globally (KU1);
  2. Adapt to changing social, economic and technological environments (KU2);
  3. Serve as active and contributing members of their communities (KU3); and
  4. Advance their knowledge in the traditional disciplines, general education and enhance their skills in professional areas (KU4).  

And the following General Education student learning outcomes
(aligned with Kean University Student Learning Outcomes)

Student Learning Outcomes – Knowledge
Students will demonstrate proficiency in knowledge and content by:

  1. applying the scientific method to understand natural concepts and processes (GEK1) (KU1,2,4)
  2. evaluating major theories and concepts in social sciences (GEK2) (KU1,2,4)
  3. relating literature to historical context (GEK3) (KU 1,2,4)
  4. evaluating major theories and concepts in the fine arts (GEK4) (KU1,2,4)

Student Learning Outcomes – Skills
Students will demonstrate the skills and technology necessary to:

  1. write to communicate and clarify learning (GES1) (KU1,4)
  2. communicate effectively through speech (GES2) (KU1,4)
  3. solve problems using quantitative reasoning (GES3) (KU1,4)
  4. think critically about concepts in multiple disciplines (GES4) (KU1,2,4)
  5. demonstrate information literacy (GES5) (KU1,2,4)

Student Learning Outcomes – Values
Students will exhibit a set of values that demonstrates:

  1. personal responsibility (GEV1) (KU2,3)
  2. ethical and social responsibility (GEV2) (KU2,3)
  3. social and civic engagement (GEV3) (KU2,3)
  4. respect for diverse cultures and perspectives (GEV4) (KU1,2,3)
  5.  life-long learning (GEV5) (KU1,2,3,4)

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