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General Education Mentor Peer Leadership Program

Mission Statement:  General Education Mentors are upper-class students selected and trained to assist first year students in their social and academic transition to Kean University. 

Goals of the Program

1:  To engage in the social and academic support of first year students.
2:  To develop and enhance the GEMs leadership skills.
3:  To become active members of the School of General Studies and the Kean University Community.

The goals of the General Education Mentor Peer Leadership Program are directly linked to the Kean University Mission Statement specifically:

  1. Intellectual, cultural, and personal growth of all of its members;
  2. Serving as active and contributing members of the Kean University Community;
  3. Providing a program dedicated to excellence in instruction and academic support services to assist our diverse student body;
  4. Maintaining a student-centered educational environment.


The goals of the General Education Mentor Peer Leadership Program are aligned to the School of General Studies Mission Statement specifically:

  1. Being active leaders/members in their community;
  2. Providing academic and social support for first year students.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of serving as a GE 1000, General Education Mentor, students will: 

1:  Enhance their leadership skills, specifically in group process techniques (i.e. team building, conflict resolution, problem solving, and communication).
2:  Develop transferable skills that will promote personal and professional development.
3:  Identify and employ appropriate strategies to promote academic success.
4:  Employ appropriate interpersonal communication techniques to support students enrolled in Transition to Kean (T2K) through one-on-one peer mentoring.
5:  Develop procedural knowledge about the university.
6.  Serve as appropriate resource and referral agents. 


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