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World Languages

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School for Global Education & Innovation

World Languages

The School for Global Education & Innovation offers course in Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Urdu.

SGEI also offers two undergraduate degree programs in Spanish:
BA in Spanish (124 credits)
BA in Spanish K-12 Teacher Education (127 credits)

and one graduate program in Spanish:

Minor in Spanish (18 credits)

MA in Spanish

Spanish Degree Programs provide a coherent sequence of course offerings and learning experiences promoting the development of linguistic and cultural competency while broadening understanding of the world community through the study of Hispanic language, linguistics, and literature. In addition, they offer enhanced personal and professional growth opportunities to effectively communicate using the Spanish language both orally and in writing. These programs support life-long learning in a multicultural society while preparing students for successful career and professions in the 21st century workplace.

SGEI also offers the only graduate program of its kind for Hindi and Urdu Language Pedagogy. A program description and admission requirements may be found on the following link.

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